Overcoming Nervous Tension

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    Sep 08, 2012
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Nervous tension within reasonable limits is perfectly normal, for without it there would be no urge towards change and progress. It is when there is too much nervous tension that people suffer from a state of anxiety, often of an obsessional character. Many people suffer from a greater or lesser degree of anxiety these days, what with the current economic crisis and disasters affecting the whole world. This is a highly competitive world and people may have to struggle everyday against their rivals. Everything around seems to be a rat race. There is the constant fight for a place in the bus or train. Crowds, noise, and air pollution, none of these things help to bring peace of mind.

Not only do people fight to keep up with the "Joneses". Unfortunately, they create a vision within themselves of the kind of person they would like to be, the person they feel they ought to be, and they fight hard to be that person. Often, there can be a conflict between the person they are and the person they would like to be. If they fall short of their ambitions, their sense of guilt and anxiety can lead to nervous tension. There are so many more situations encountered everyday that can really throw people out of balance. True enough, a competitive life provokes tension and nervousness.

If a person feels the need to relax himself or herself from chronic tension, the cure must be balanced, partially physical and partially mental. Just as anxiety can create tension, tension can also lead to anxiety. It is almost impossible for the mind to be tense if the body is relaxed, or for the body to be at all tense if the mind is completely at peace. The first step towards a release from nervous tension is to try to decide what it is a person wants out of life, and what he or she has to put into life. The job that he or she has should not be an end in itself, but a means to an end, that is the living of life to the fullest. Neurotic overwork is an attempt to escape from life, and often indicates a sense of inadequacy.

Everyone needs to have other interests in life apart from their work. Without them, it is much more difficult to ease the strain. If one has no other interest, he or she must find one. Of all leisure interests, music is for many the most relaxing. If one takes any pleasure at all in music, then he or she should relax and enjoy it, or enjoy it and relax. It is also a strain on anyone to be stuck too much in one place. People need and find company and a change of scene stimulating. It does not matter what the other interest is, as long as it is different from work. Extra care should be exerted not to become a hobby addict, living life with the sole purpose of working at the hobby. If an interest is to be a healthy one, one must always be the master of it, and not the victim of it.

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