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    Sep 28, 2012
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Nowadays, money is very important.  Some people sacrifice happiness at work to find job that pays better simply because they can not make ends meet at their current job. Some people sacrifice their sanity and eventually their life just to keep from going under financially.Generally, people complain about salary they earn every month. Then, they sit at home, watch television and complain why those entertainers earn so much money.

            Famous singers and movie stars are the most overpaid human beings on the planet. In one single movie or a concert they often make more money than ordinary people make during their entire career. But, even with their complaints, people go to the concerts and support actors and entertainers. Big stars make millions of dollars in the entertainment industry. The environment of Hollywood pays actors and actresses huge amounts of money and some of them are corrupted indefinitely, leading to drugs, alcohol and other harmful behaviours. The same thing exists in the music industry as well. It is true that celebrities bring on big crowds and lots of money to their companies. However, it is also true that some celebrities are taking advantage of their talent and fame.

            Fortunately, there are several people from show business who donate millions to charities and there are some who run their own charities. Contrary to popular belief that celebrities think only about themselves, there are a few famous entertainers who really care about other people.

Money is a very significant factor in having a comfortable life. One has to work in order to pay his (her) bills and to buy food and clothes. We live with it, work for it and realize some of our dreams through it. An American film director, actor and writer said:” Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons”. I agree with him.

      However, I don`t agree with people who think that money is something that could make a person more important. Some people say that money makes people important and that rich people have a lot more friends than those without money. A real friendship cannot be bought. Your friends will respect you if you have good values, if you are considerate and compassionate to them. We cannot buy love with money as well. To many loving couples it brought nothing but misery. For instance, many people get divorced because one of them feels more important because he (she) makes more money than his (her) mate.

      Having money doesn`t guarantee for a person`s importance. The real measure of your importance is how much you`d be worth if you lost your money. Importance comes within us.  

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