Pathway To Self-Reliance

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    Jun 02, 2013
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Student from Star for Life
Student from Star for Life
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Self-Reliance has been defined as the ability of an individual to depend on himself to get things done and to meet his own needs using his own capabilities and resources. It is having confidence in himself, and exercising his own power and judgement. Every person has the ability to become self-reliant if he really wants to. Everything will start within himself, and the outcome will depend on his efforts.

The first step towards attaining self-reliance is “setting goals”.  One has to have goals, both short-term and long-term, whether in employment or self-employment. Firm goals already established in the mind can help one develop a plan to achieve them. It is also very important that these goals and plan be discussed with, preferably, an experienced person who will help in refining the said plan and who will guide in focusing one’s efforts. The more focused the goals are, the more effort one can put into achieving them, and the more likely success can be attained. And, as part of the process of setting goals, one should assess himself in order to identify the qualities that he possesses. Knowing his own strengths, talents, interests, and values is a vital factor in establishing and maintaining his self-confidence. This will also guide him on which career path is best suited for his qualifications.

The second step is “gathering resources”. After determining a plan of action for achieving the goals already set, one has to identify now the resources available to him. He should use all available resources but should concentrate most of his efforts in the most productive ones. The most fruitful source of employment or self-employment opportunities is networking. It is very important one has to understand what a network is and how to develop one. A network consists of the people one knows who can either help him directly or lead him to someone else or to more information. After identifying the resources already available, one has to make a plan to begin contacting them in order to find even more resources. Creating a network list is a vital step in establishing one’s network of people who can help him find opportunities.

Going to the third step towards attaining self-reliance, which is “utilizing the resources”, one can now begin contacting the people in his network list in a positive and strong way that will ultimately help him achieve his goals. As part of this process, one should learn how to present himself effectively, respectfully, and in a memorable way, speaking clearly and with confidence every time he interacts with the people in his network. The key here is one’s ability to make powerful impressions. One of the best ways to make a powerful impression on people one has contacted is by using power statements. A power statement is meant to communicate one’s important information in a short amount of time, emphasizing the value he can bring to a person or an organization. Good power statements of a person highlight his key accomplishments and can have a dramatic impact, and are also useful in a variety of situations.

The fourth step, the last but definitely not the least, is “continuing the accomplishments”. For many people, finding satisfactory employment or self-employment is the fulfilment of their employment or self-employment goals. But, a truly successful career will require continued goal-setting and additional knowledge and skills. Success does not end at the fulfilment of short-term goals but, it goes on to the next level, a higher level, onward to long-term goals. One should always remember that he should grow in his career. He should work hard to achieve it. Career advancement does not exist on its own but, it requires careful planning and consistent implementation.

The pathway to self-reliance does not only help one begin the career he wants to pursue in life but also guide him to grow in that career. It is a never-ending process and a continuing cycle, and it always begins with a goal. If one does not set goals in his life, and learn how to master the techniques of living to reach his goals, he can reach a ripe old age and look back in his life only to see that what he has reached is only a small part of his full potential. But when one learns to master the principles of setting goals, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he will attain in his life.

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