Surviving In Any Existing Economy

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    Sep 08, 2012
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We live in a very busy and complicated world. Everything around us seems like a rat race. Days do not go by without leaving us problems and worries. There are worldwide disasters, both natural and man-made, that we have to face. The effect of the global economic crisis is so serious that all of us have to tighten our belts. We now begin to feel the weight of worry and we are concerned over an uncertain future. We are also concerned about enduring these challenging times. But, we must remain steadfast in hope, work with all our strength and trust God, putting Him first in everything we do.

I am a father of five, and I have gone through enough ups and downs throughout my life to know that the darkness of the evening will surely yield to the light of the next day. This thought has given me the courage to go on in my life and be optimistic about the future. Even though I can still remember the hurt and despair of the past, I can now see what I was unable to see then, that problems do come on purposes, one of which is great personal growth. I have learned from the past that adversity, when confronted with faith, courage, and tenacity, could be overcome. From this, I also learned two principles, which I believe could be useful to surviving in any existing economy.

The first principle that I have learned is “keep on working”. Work is an antidote for anxiety and sorrow. It is also a pathway to possibilities and opportunities. Whatever our circumstances in life are, if we just do the best we can and cultivate a reputation for excellence in everything we do then there is no reason why we will not succeed. I know that it’s not going to be easy but making ourselves busy at work keeps us from dwelling too much on the difficulties of our present circumstances and focus on what we can achieve in preparation for the future. Our present situation will not change overnight but one thing is sure, it will. That is the thing about work. If we simply keep busy at work, steady and constant, things certainly will improve as we go along. Having moved on from a downfall is already a big success.

The second principle is “never stop learning”. We say that life itself is learning, and that learning is a lifetime process. I know that with the current difficult economic conditions we all face, opportunities for education are limited. But, even if we have limited options, we should always feel an eagerness to learn. It is during challenging times that it is even more important to learn, and strive to increase our knowledge. Anxiety and doubt cannot exist where knowledge is. It is also in learning that we find answers to all the challenges in life. Learning does not only mean going to formal education. If formal education is not available, this should not be a hindrance to the acquisition of knowledge. The best books, in a sense, can be our school that is always open and admits all those who apply in. Seeking knowledge is done by study, and also by faith.

These two principles have helped me and my family to hold on and keep on the fight against the challenges in life. It is often in the trial of adversity that we are able to learn the most crucial lessons, and from it comes the forming of our character and the shaping of our destiny. I have come to understand that the lessons I have learned from the past are a necessary preparation for future opportunities.

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