Mending A Broken Heart

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    Sep 08, 2012
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Most people find it hard to return to normal life after experiencing a broken engagement or an unhappy romance. The hurt that has established in them is so humiliating that in order to stay away from it they often throw themselves wildly into work and other things that will keep them very busy. Others become chain-smokers, and drink heavily, and even go into drugs. Because they feel inadequate, these people tend to stay away from parties or any other social gatherings which involve meeting other people, especially of the opposite sex. This negative attitude tends to retard the return of a state of mind which makes happiness or contentment possible.

Usually, when a woman has loved a man so much, she will have avoided other male friendships and often seen less of her female friends. Same is also true with men. This kind of faithfulness is one of the whole-hearted attributes of a person in love, but when it comes to picking himself or herself up out of a broken relationship, it does make life more difficult. There are also persons who, after a break-up, become successful in their studies, career, or even in business. But, the truth remains that the hurt is still inside that needs to be cured in order to free themselves from the sad past, or else they will be a captive of it for as long as it exist.

The important thing to remember at this point is that if a person were attractive, charming, and interesting enough in the first place to attract love, then it is very likely that he or she will be so again. If a person sees himself or herself looking a mess, and feeling thoroughly lacking in heart, this is probably because emotional turmoil has taken its toll. But, definitely, good looks, good health, and happiness will eventually return. When a person sees that no one else is showing him or her tender loving care, then it is the time to lavish it on himself or herself. This signifies the start of the process of rejoining life with confidence, with something to offer in the shape of a charming and happy appearance.

After the process of restoring self-confidence, which every person needs to a greater or lesser extent when he or she has been hit by any kind of ego-destroying experience, the appropriate time has come for him or her to plan his or her social life. This is a preparation to an eventual return to normal life. But, to meet a new love straight away cannot be expected at once. It is better for a person to just concentrate on making himself or herself as pleasant as possible to the world at large. The primary aim here is to make friends. The more friends he or she has, the more likely he or she is to meet the good and kind person of his or her dreams, somewhere, sometime. He or she should not worry too much about where and when. A person needs time to recover from an emotional setback just as he or she would need time to convalesce after an illness.

Being a little bit more tolerant than usual about accepting even potentially boring invitations is an opportunity to join groups of people. It is also a big opportunity to be able to share mutual interests with other people. This is one of the best ways to make friends. If a person is still shy and bruised by a painful experience, he or she will find that his or her mental equilibrium and confidence will be regained faster among new acquaintances.

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