Baking A Good Cake

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    Sep 08, 2012
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Cakes are the most popular dessert of choice for meal preparations at birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, thanksgivings, and many other special occasions. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and in a wide variety of recipes and decorations, the choice of which depends on the kind of event it will be prepared for. As desserts, cakes reflect the joy and importance of the celebration that without it the day seems incomplete. Since cakes make occasions special and memorable, the preparation of it should also be done in a special way.

To be successful in baking a good cake, it requires a certain degree of care, aside from the knowledge of doing it. The use of the best affordable ingredients helps to achieve this. Trying to do the mixing and baking in a hurry is not recommended because it will only lead to failure. As the saying goes, “Haste makes waste.” The need for accurate weighing and measuring of the ingredients should not be stressed too much, for example a round teaspoon of baking powder instead of a level one can be doom to a cake. Also, avoid the temptation of thinking that an extra egg or a little more sugar will make a much better cake.

One must bear in mind that the proportions of a cake are scientifically worked out to produce a good and balanced result. The creaming process should not be skimped as the beating breaks down the sugar crystals and incorporates air into the mixture. It is a good thing to do to have all ingredients at roughly the same temperature, so that when the cake is put into the oven it will rise evenly with a smooth texture free of large air holes. Eggs can be added whole to a cake with no adverse effect but this should be done while always sifting the flour as it works air into it.

The oven should already be set at the required temperature, at least fifteen minutes before it is needed, and making sure the shelves in the oven are in the right places. In preparing the cake tin, it may need lining as well as greasing. After this, collecting all the ingredients together follows. While the cake is already in the oven, being over-curious should be avoided. Over-curiosity can be detrimental to the whole process of baking cakes. Peeping should be done only once, or twice if need be, and never during the first part of the cooking time. To test if the cake is already done should be made carefully at the right time. Have a look at the cake to see if it is already golden brown and has shrunk away from the sides of the tin. Feel the cake gently with a finger, and if the center of the cake feels firm then the cake is done, and ready for the next process which is the decoration.

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