The Patriots

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    Feb 08, 2013
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The Patriots Photo by Fatima Khattak

Is my love not enough for you? Have I not given my world to you? Is there more that I need to do?

Lying in bed I think to myself, “how many more lovers do I have to confront? How many more are left to break my heart? How much love do I have to give to myself and to others? Do I have enough left of it?”


It is that word that has many understandings to it, some don’t even believe in it. Why?

Can love not be how it is written in fairytales? That single eye contact, Problems that are easily solved by one.

How much more heartless can this world be? Has peace not curbed this land yet?It has been years since man has walked the streets without insecurity. When will we watch a young mother hold her newborn in her arms and say “welcome to this world”, when will she see a good future for her child? When will we knock on our neighbor’s door and share an apple pie, without fear of judgment? When will we dress by the same token? Where is our unity?When will these questions be answered?

It is all on us, to walk the streets and fight misdeed. We are our own heroes; we are patriots of this land that we serve. Let’s not sit on a chair and complain about our cohort, but instead, get out and show others that there are people like you, who can change it. Let us bring peace to this world, let us bring unity. Right now we fight for what is mine and what is yours, not realizing that in the end, we are all buried under the same ground, we are all living under the same sky, we all eat the same, but we have our values that divide us, let us stop our differences, that brings in this enmity. Let us be the youth of this century and make a new living, a new world. Let us, be the ones to bring peace. Let us be the ones to answer those questions.

If our youth and our generation stands up and makes a difference, then the answer to all those questions would be, “soon”.

Doing drugs, walking the streets in a slapdash fashion, getting in trouble for illegitimate actions etc, do they get us anywhere at all? Our days are filled with seeing youngsters involved in the most horrendous interests, that it scares me, who will be our hero this time? We don’t even believe in the same god. We don’t even listen. We judge people with their religions! How much more grimy could we get?

Our anticipation, reliance and perseverance are the music that brings this world alive, our countries alive. Why do we do wrong things, knowing that it is wrong? Why is it so intricate to do something GOOD instead of bad?

Why do we wait for a hero to come, when we know that stepping up could make us the heroes?

“Someone will come and help” oh! Why do you not get up and help? Why do you not care enough to help? Why do you have to wait for someone else to put out the fire, when you know where the tap is and the buckets right next to you, why don’t you go do it yourself before it gets worse. Your hero never makes it on time, and when everything is destroyed you realize, you were the idiot who was suppose to put out the fire! You, were supposed to be the hero.

Unite, and be the hero!

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