Strengthening A Father-And-Son Relationship

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    Sep 08, 2012
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Father-and-son relationships are significant ones. There is no other relationship quite like that, which can and should exist between a son and his father. It can be one of the most nurturing and joyful relationships in life, and one that can have a profound impact on who a son become, and on who a father become. We all know that life is a journey, and we are all on this whether we like it or not. Fathers may be a little further ahead down the road but no one has yet arrived at the final destination. Fathers and sons can play vital and critical roles in helping each other become the best that they can be.

In order to strengthen a father-and-son relationship, it requires the combined efforts of the two persons involved. We all know that this relationship is never perfect but everything is possible only if both the two would do their part in exerting efforts to make it happen. Moreover, it is interesting to know that a son is his father's pride and joy. A father sees in his son a promising future and his hope for a better and improved version of himself. His son's accomplishments are a joy to him. His worries and problems are his, too. Meanwhile, a father is the primary model of manhood for his son. He is his son's meaningful mentor and his hero, too, in countless ways. His words and examples are a great influence on him.

From experience, I have learned of three important things that a son can do to take full advantage of his relationship with his father, and what a father can do about relating to and communicating with his son. By faithfully doing these simple but significant suggestions, both persons can surely make their relationship with each other even better. The first thing is that a son should trust his father by talking to him, sharing his thoughts and feelings, his dreams and his fears. Fathers are not perfect but they love very much their sons and would never do anything they did not think were in their sons' best interests. When a son puts his trust in his father, the latter will feel the responsibility of that trust and try harder than ever to understand and to help. On the other hand, a father should listen to his son, really listening carefully and without being judgmental in order to understand fully what his son is thinking and experiencing. The more fathers listen to their sons, the more the latter would open up with them, and a great relationship is in the offing.

Second. A son should take an interest in his father's life. Having knowledge about his father, a son better understands why his father responds the way he does. Meanwhile, a father should pray with and for his son. This can draw him closer to his son. Many fathers suffer headaches over sons who have strayed, and other things, but this should not stop them from maintaining strong family relationships. They should never give up even when fervent prayer in their sons' behalf is all they can do.

And last, but not the least, is that a son should ask his father for advice. Nothing shows respect for another person as much as asking for his advice. This shows that a son appreciates his father's knowledge and experiences and he values his ideas and suggestions. These are nice things for a father to see from his son. Fathers, who are asked by their sons for advices, try harder to give good, sound, and useful counsels, and they strive more to be better fathers and better persons. They will think more carefully about whatever it is that they advice to their sons, and they will work harder to "walk the talk". On his part, a father should dare to have the "big talks" with his son, meaning talking about drugs and drinking, pornography, sex and other sensitive matters. These topics should be discussed together in an open and clear manner, and as frequently as possible.

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