Prince2 (Projects In Controlled Environment)

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    Jul 24, 2013
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Agile Project Management
Agile Project Management
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Prince2 is a de facto standard which is used both in UK and internationally as a process based method for project management. This method was introduced in 1996 to empower British government projects. Now it is used both in public and private sectors to provide a scalable and efficient method of project management for vast range of projects.

Since it has become a very important qualification and an internationally recognized standard, many people work in the project management field tend to follow Prince2 training programmes and courses. Prince2 project management courses are now available worldwide. These courses consist of two integrated levels named Prince2 Foundation and Prince2 Practitioner level.

The foundation level’s purpose is to provide you enough knowledge to understand basic concepts of projects planning and management. It will lead you to become a good team worker and an effective member of the project staff. Prince2 Foundation level exam papers consist of 75 multiple choice questions including 5 trial questions which are not counted in total marks. 35 marks out of 70 marks will be needed in order to pass the exam. You will be given 1 hour duration to answer the paper and you will not be allowed to refer to the books while examination.

Prince2 Practitioner level’s purpose is to provide you with experience to apply Prince2 methods in a controlled project environment. It will guide you through Prince2 processes like how to start a project, how to break a project into sub stages, how to initiate or direct a project and how to close a project. Practitioner level exams consist of an objective testing. This will be tested by 80 questions. 44 marks out of 80 marks will be required to pass the practitioner level. You will be allowed to refer to official Prince2 manual during the exam. Two and a half hour time duration will be given to complete 80 questions.

After you get your Prince2 certification of practitioner level you will need to be re-registered by facing a re-registration exam within 3-5 years. Benefits for individuals and organizations Individuals learn how to plan, initiate and manage a project according to internationally recognized most successful project management process. They learn how to break a large scale project into sub processes and finish those sub stages in an efficient way. They learn how to design plans, make progress reports, evaluation reports and to improve communication between project managers and other members of the staff. Organizations will be able to achieve their tasks more effectively. That will ensure sponsors and other share holders are strongly engaged with your company.

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