What is Success?

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    Jul 24, 2013
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If you want to find out what is success, it is truly about living. If you are struggling to survive, it is not living. You can actually control life and succeed, but then life does not get ruled with a user’s manual. Most of them generally struggle for the whole part, but get nowhere. You need not be among them. Life should be yours for a command. It is not easy to measure success or be successful for that matter. If it were, more and more people would be courting it.

See the Change

If you are to be successful, you should change. For those who are not successful, you must change your approach to life. You are not doing justice to yourself. Human beings find it hardest to admit that they are wrong. People often make mistakes and put them down. This is a bigger mistake. On the contrary, you can use your mistake to learn a lesson. Then, it is no more a mistake. You need to have the courage to live in honesty. It is right to be successful, wrong to fail.

Most people are hungry for success. This is why they run after money, power and material wealth. This is a very wrong approach, but it is common. A lot of people think that it is good to be successful, and this is defined by material benefits, happiness and accomplishment. Of course, success includes all this and much more. To ask the personal question, ‘what is success’, it is something that comes in different varieties and a concept that is highly relative. To all those who want a taste of success, they must at first try and understand what success means to them.

The height of success, for some, is making oodles of money. Indeed, the whole concept of being successful is measured on the scales of the amount of money that you make. The society looks more upon the exterior than the substance within. A number of successful people are unhappy in life, but is that really success? You must evaluate the meaning of success and set you goals accordingly. This is the only way through which your achievements can be really meaningful.

Trying to attain success according to the definition or standards of others may make you admirable, but does not foster a sense of accomplishment. To succeed at a level which brings satisfaction, you must take out the time and define what success means for you. Specify the relevance of each aspect of life and consider what financial and emotional success would mean to you.

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