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    Jul 24, 2013
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Business of Software - Jason Cohen
Business of Software - Jason Cohen
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We all have our thoughts on success. The starting point is perhaps what we think of ourselves. Many of us have the thought of earning enough to feed our kids and fend for our wife, pay our bills and taxes. To us, this is success. If you have not thought about all of these, it is time you do. Most of us are what our thoughts guide us to be. Success is not related to the outcome of chance or the actions others perform on you, or the natural events that seem to conspire against you. Success is when we put our thoughts into action, and they translate into results.

Feel Successful to Succeed

Some people may inhibit your success, make the progress slower, but then they cannot stop you. In the universal scheme of things, there may be natural disasters like floods and tempests to delay you from tasting success, but unless they have killed you, they can hardly stop you. The only force who can stop you is you yourself. At present, you are who you are because you have thought so. From here onwards, you can change your thoughts and lead life differently. Changing your thoughts implies being in control of them. One must increase their awareness of thoughts which dominate us, at a subconscious level.

This means that we are not even aware of their domination. In such a case, the thoughts turn into habits which turn into actions or inactions. Do successful thoughts foster success? Someone once said, whatever we achieve or fail to achieve reflects how we think. In other words, a person’s thoughts on success can make them successful, or make him stay where he is. If pessimistic, our thoughts can also drive us to the nadirs of failure. The quotient of our success is directly related with our willingness and ability to channel our thoughts.

Our goals and objectives may vary and the power we exert behind the attainment of our goals is something that impels success. It is the power of our thoughts and mind which operates the machinery of the world. If a thought is positive and lofty, it is best to lead a life of positivism. Our thoughts are like trees, the seeds of which lie underground, but with fruits which lie above. Our mentality and belief define the present situations we are in and help us measure our success and defeat.

An individual is not considered successful on the basis of their social position, but by the way they think. Optimism is one of the parameters of building character. The thoughts of an individual impel a person to work or perform something for their success.

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