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    Sep 04, 2012
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We live in the era of knowledge and information. Every day or every other day, we come across latest inventions with a touch of sophistication and modernizations. But, at the same time, if we delve and cogitate over the overall condition of humanity and humans we just get stuck and a cloud of anxiety and depression befalls us.

At one end newer and newer techniques are being introduced to keep oneself healthy. The latest medicines and medications are there to protect life, to diagnose early the diseases and to start latest and fantastic medicines to cure the diseases, reduce the rates of mortality and morbidity. Now, after the development of genetic engineering, many genetic illnesses can be controlled or even eliminated. The process of cloning or the manufacturing of genetically engineering techniques (human Recombinant DNA Technology) even the destinations of the humans can be changed.

A large number of inherited and congenital diseases have been kept under control. Likewise, many other diseases like polio, small pox etc. have been eliminated altogether.

The other side of the same picture is very horrible and disfigured. A tablet of a medicine can protect the human life and a bullet of a gun destroys it……..! This is the time of atom and an atomic bomb is sufficient to destroy the whole world. Atomic bombs, missiles, air crafts, guns and other weapons are been made and cost millions of rupees for manufacturing.

What is the difference between the nursery of new born babies and a laboratory where a more so called sophisticated weapon in under the way of its generation. There is a very big gulf between these…….one is protecting life and other is destroying. This is quite contradicting that a president of an atomic power inaugurates a medical unit in the morning and addresses the military unit in the evening encouraging them for the life destruction.

We have been continuously living a hypocritical life, based upon the grudge towards others. There is discrepancy between our acts and deeds; that’s why we can name the word ‘Peace of Mind’ but cannot understand its reality.

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