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    Sep 04, 2012
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Understanding of organizational affairs and their management in the light of the granted knowledge of the Names comes within the parameter of the vicegerency. It is confirmed from Mans appointment as the vicegerent of Almighty that somehow or the other he has to play some role in all the departments of Control and power of Almighty. The whole universe is the reflection of the utterance of the word of Almighty……”Be” and it happened.
There are different sections of this word of Almighty:
1. Innovation which means that the whole universe and the sources of existence of the existents were completely formulated without any means and resources. This is the first section of the divine Administration.
2. Formation is the second step and it means that whatsoever had appeared in the form of existents, formats of motion and rest appeared in them and various stages of life began to take place consecutively, that is, the function of existents life was started.
3. Policy is the next section. It comprises the affairs regarding the arrangements and situational occurrence of the functions of existents life.
4. Inclination is the fourth section. Here, the regulatory decisions regarding fates and predestinations are compiled and finalized.
Man has been given this authority to perform his duties in the capacity of the vicegerent of Almighty in the management of affairs of the universe. For understanding of the formulation of the universe, complete and detailed knowledge of the ingredients of the universe is compulsory, and this knowledge has been given to Human Beings.
The outer universe is called Persona Major associated with External Self. Likewise, there is a universe inside the human beings termed as Persona Minor associated with Internal Self.

There is another aspect in this whole process of creation which is called Generic Self… is a collection of roots of all the individuals of its species. It deals with the Nature, structure and functionality of some particular species and these three states are called as the elemental specifications of the Generic Self. These are the impressions encompassing Time and Space laying between Eternity and Infinity……The Remotest beginning and the Remotest Ending.
When these featuring impressions descend in the Phenomenal World, functionality or motion formulates Time and Space in these impressions and designs. 

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