Sample of a Maid of Honor Speech

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    Mar 24, 2014
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Sample of a Maid of Honor Speech Photo by Doc Sholas

Sample of maid of honor speech
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As the maid of honor, I would like to thank you for finding the time to grace this wonderful occasion. It’s my best friend’s wedding and I couldn’t be any happier. Keyla, you look amazing; doesn’t she everyone? You too Neil, we haven’t left you out.

First things first; I would like to congratulate the bride and groom for finally getting married. How long has it been? We’ve always jokingly said that you guys should get married already and now here we are. I’ve seen you two through the highest ups and the lowest lows in your relationship and it’s amazing how your love always conquered all. It may sound cliché people, but not with these two. They have really worked hard to get to where they are.

Well, I’m no expert in marriage counseling but I know true love does it all. Keyla and Neil, your love is your weapon from today henceforth. It will see you through the good, bad, ugly and beautiful times; and if ever you need help, I’ll forever be here for anything. I thought I wouldn’t cry, but trust me the tears are burning me right now. Keyla you have been an amazing best friend over the years and I can only wish you love and happiness throughout your marriage. You’ve finally found your prince, and he loves you very much. I remember the time we cried together in sixth grade after your first heart break. We literally vowed we wouldn’t get married or even get involved with any other guy; but clearly Neil changed all that.

Neil, you’ve been a great guy to Keyla and you two deserve each other. I’m hoping and praying that you will continue with the same streak throughout your marriage. From the first time you two met there was always the same spark I see your eyes right now; even when Neil was in the friend-zone for a while. Treat her well and love her eternally, she’s a precious dime. If ever you feel like slipping up, remember she has four brothers and a father that call her princess (jokingly)

Ladies and gentlemen, our duty now is to pray for these newly weds. Pray that they live happily ever after and fill their home with hundreds of babies. Pray that they stay true to their marriage vows for eternity and that nothing evil will ever come in between them. Mr. and Mrs. Neil, make your marriage a union that the rest of us can look up to. Congratulations. 

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