Society Without Fear and Anxiety

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Just like a human body, which is a combination of different systems like Nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and Reproductive system and so on, the basic structural and functional unit of this body is “Cell”. In more or less the same way, the human society is also a combination, mixture and admixture of different systems (social system, basic and advanced infrastructure, economic system, political system etc.). Here, if we cogitate over and ponder on the structure of society, we come to know that “Home” is the basic unit, around which the whole society rotates.
It is quite a strange fact and qualm that in spite of the advent of the most modern and sophisticated social and technological advancements, there is an uplift trend in the instability, imbalance in all aspects. What is more is the lack of harmony and disconcordance extending right from the individual level to the national and international level.
In the following lines, I want to describe some very basic rules and regulations which can be implemented quite easily (mostly at the individual level) and reshape the society in a very beautiful and fascinating way:
1. Spend (money, time and other resources) for the overall benefit of society. This should not be spendthrift, without show or propaganda. There should not be an element to harass and realize the recipients of the favors, and not to humiliate them with selfless attitude.

2. To spend the wealth openly and secretly for the service of humanity.

3. Have complete faith with the observation on the basis of which, noble deeds are to be performed.

4. Complete obedience to the Creator and faith in Him (He is the lord of all lords….!); not a theoretical but pragmatic approach.

5. Avoid bad deeds (sins) soliciting Lords forgiveness. Having self-moral restraints and guide other likewise.

6. To be ready for every kind of sacrifice, attaching all expectations and hopes with Lord, believing that He is a true Creator and benevolent in all types of circumstances.

7. Keep noble and virtuous sentiments, with sincere intention for others.

8. Last but not the least…….endeavor to unite others.

Today’s man is suffering from fear and anxiety.
Anxiety is to get more and more.
Fear is to lose what is achieved.
By abiding by the above mentioned simple ways, he can get rid of his fear and anxiety.

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