Bad Manners and Poor Etiquette an Unfortunate Trend

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    Feb 12, 2014
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Bad Manners and Poor Etiquette an Unfortunate Trend Photo by Tom Dwan

Many people over forty or fifty years of age feel like they are living in a world of no manners, ill-behaving people, arrogant and ignorant youth and total disrespect for the old norms. This statement doesn’t go to say that the world should stop evolving and people should all behave and act the way they did in the sixties but rather aims at pointing out the negative, even degrading effect which scandal-seeking, populist media in combination with lax social norms and twisted perception have on people. True, the world will never be the same place after the digital revolution of the nineties and the internet revolution of the last decade, but having all these technological advancements and new knowledge should make people better rather than worse, but that seems to be nothing but wishful thinking so far.

​The negative trend shows that people are increasingly bad and are also willingly expressing bad behaviour and lack of social norms, what’s even more frightening is that young people are determined that ill-manners and arrogance are the new social norms of the society, frightening indeed. Problem is that the current situation is very complex and has deteriorated at multiple levels.

It is no longer a simple situation where one can go to their telecom and ask for cheap calls or browse the Internet and find a solution. Actually this is a complicated socio-cultural problem encompassing many people and affecting the lives of many others. The problem stems from what young people see at home, the way their parents and family speak, act and treat each other. A child which sees nothing but rudeness, hears nothing but profanity and is in general raised by a blaring TV box instead of proper parents will only contribute to the degradation of an already degrading society.

People of today have an underdeveloped value system which extends to money, cars, sex, drugs and more money. These so called values are running society today regardless of what the TV poll says - things are not going good. This is not a single solution matter like the lack of cheap phone calls, this is a fundamental problem. However, we hope that future will be brighter and we can manage to change some of the issues that stand on our way and do not allow us to be better people. It will be not easy, but we have to do our best and provide better future for our children.

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Tom Dwan is part of a company which specialises in home cleaning services in Geelong. He works for them for a couple of years and before that Tom was employed by the furniture giant IKEA. In his spare time he enjoys watching football games with friends and visiting new places with his wife and 3 kids.

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