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    Sep 04, 2012
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The first movement, after awakening, is to blink the eyes. The act of blinking the eyes activates the sight. The sight or the act of seeing is such a state which confirms our knowledge about something that a thing does exist at this time i.e. mental perception something is there. This process appears to be associated with the memory but when memory is made to recollect something or some external stimulus stimulates the memory of any particular thing, the sight confirms its presence which, by then, has been able to see the form and figure, features and outlines of the perceived thing under the continuous action of blinking.

This whole process of transformation begins only when the Subtlety of Self comes into action. This movement of Subtlety of Self initiates propensity for something. This subtle sense of sight initiates minds inclination towards something, upon activation of the Subtlety of Self.

After awakening as soon as the eyes open man subconsciously longs to understand the things around him and what are the situations of the ambient environment. He wants information about all the things, the informations which are authentic.

Nothing can satisfy him unless one of his own senses confirm and verify the things around him.

Hence, first initiative, to carry out this duty, is taken by his sight.

When the eyes are closed the function of the sight is suspended, blinking puts an end to this suspension and the sight becomes functional once again.

When, in the beginning, the power of sight comes into action, the sight witnesses the external objects in the inner and the inner things in the outer. For Example the mirror dazzles the viewing sight and reveals the virtual image of that which is there before it upon the sight.

This is that viewing which after coming out from the inner takes the form of the scene. Contrary to this when the act of viewing is directed towards the inner from the out, in that case some stimulus coming before the sight causes it to behave as a mirror and furnishes information to the human mind through its form and features. If we delve into both the angles, it is revealed that in every case the human mind acts and behaves like a mirror and this only channel which enables the human soul to envision its imaginations in an embodied form.   

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