Unification in Universe

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Sight operates in two ways; direct and indirect. When we see in our self; the inner part of our being, it is direct viewing of the sight. This is looking into the Ethereal Realm, which is, looking into the Unity.
The sight which sees in unity is the man, the Lords Edict, the soul or the indivisible Entity. This very sight brings the observer in line with the observed, reveals the true meaning of the Saying of Almighty that He is closer to us than our jugular vein.
The very same Sight at its own place is the Elohistic Knowledge or the Knowledge of Unity.
This very sight, in plurality, becomes additional, detailed, extended, and sensual disposition.
First activation of this sight is the knowledge of unity or the Unification of the Being.
Second, third, fourth and fifth move of this very sight is the Plurality or the Unification of Observation.
Time and Space are constructed when the same sight operates indirectly. Various stages of Plurality are created according to the changes taking place in its movement.
This Sight, in its first descent, transforms into consciousness and subsequently becomes the power of the Observation, Articulation, Smelling and touch. It has two components in its every descent.
The Sight, before its activation, in its first descent, is the knowledge and the knower.
After becoming active in its second descent, it is the Conscious.
In its third descent, it is the power of seeing and the formation.
In the fourth descent, it is Speech and Hearing.
In the fifth descent, it is coloration and sensuality.
Lastly, in its sixth descent, it is attraction and touch.
First descent is one state of unity and other descents are five states of plurality. This descent is called the Subtlety of Unity, and the five remaining descents are called the subtleties of plurality.
This reveals the structural formation of man, soul or the indivisible entity.

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