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    Sep 04, 2012
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Man is very particular about joy and sorrow from the very first day. He wishes to find out the cause of joy and sorrow so that he could avoid the sorrow and enjoy the happiness persistently. He does not leave the joy, there; the fear and fright of loss of happiness also remain residing in his heart. He wants somehow, or the other, to remain close to happiness and to stay away from sorrows. He understands that because of his weaknesses he is unable to overcome the disastrous accidents therefore he remains in search of such of a power that could guarantee him happiness and comfort. This is the background of the man’s search for the mysterious forces. The guarantee to happiness and comfort come from the creator of this whole universe as we see in the Holy books which point towards the boundless Attributes of Almighty, the Most High being.

A man might be claiming self-confidence but cannot be indifferent to the happiness and sorrows, although after believing the Unseen he becomes confident of his eventual betterment. Believing the Unseen means that whatsoever is there in the Unseen is only the best because the unseen is in the hands of the Most Merciful, the most Benevolent and the Most Beneficent One.

Almighty inspires to the man and it is the heart of the man that recognizes and sees this inspiration. This is the of conversation of Almighty, the Most Exalted that has been termed as Revelation or the conversation is conducted through messengers that is, the eyes remain focused on the Messenger. Another way is He Himself before His servant in some other form known as Drawn Veil, for example He expresses His August present in a beautiful and luminant form. This luminant and beautiful form is not Almighty Himself but a screen.

When the human senses are held on a point this stay of senses is called the object which has certain form and figure. In fact, this is the moment from which the senses acquire the body and this body is felt and observed by the senses externally and objectively because there can’t be any other possible way of seeing except that the senses should see themselves after placing themselves before themselves and considering themselves something other than themselves.

All the activities of life are the examples of this very style of sight.

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