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    Sep 04, 2012
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The human body depends on the soul, which is the corporeal body of man is not the real person. Every sane person who is not suffering from any mental ailment or disorder has the natural and instinctive urges in him.
The social values of our society, according to which we live our life, are based upon instincts.
Example: - If someone, who is sensible enough to understand, does not know who his parents are he would feel frustrated. This ignorance causing frustration keeps on haunting him. It seems that it should not be having are effect if someone does not know who his parents if someone doesn’t know who his parents are because one keeps on living even when his parents die, despite the death of his parents e enjoys his life, takes interest in all the activities of life, feels delighted in the company of his friends. But he is ignorant of his parents his life becomes a symbol of frustration and deprivation.
Children, who do not have in order knowledge of their parents, have to seek the support of someone to remain linked with their origin. Example of this thing is found in certain cultures and societies where the children having no knowledge of their parents are called His Majesty’s Children. Although this amounts to acknowledging the fact that they have no idea who their parents are, still it gives them a consolation that they are royal children. The relation between the children and parents is acknowledged by all the civilizations of mankind and is protected by enforcing laws in the society.
Existence of casts and family systems is also based upon the idea of protection of this sacred relationship. The laws of nature also safeguards this relationship and instructs mankind to respect and honor their ‘Origin’; the parents. As a matter of fact one who is born out of wedlock has no status in the society.
To be an orphan is one thing and existence without having knowledge of parents is altogether another thing.

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