Turning An Idea Into Reality

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    Mar 01, 2013
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Personal organizer with metallic ring binder
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Many, if not all, will agree that success always starts with an idea, and this idea, whether big or small, comes out of one's dream to achieve or accomplish something. When a great idea keeps popping in one's brain, he could react to this either of two things: the first option, by just being simply a dreamer, that is, amusing himself thinking that what he has in his mind is a mere idea and nothing more; or the second option, by taking a bolder step, and that is, making a positive decision to act and give himself an opportunity to see if his idea just might turn into reality. Obviously, the best choice is the second one because there is nothing to lose if we follow its course.

An achiever of success is one who would always see his idea very clearly in his mind, and he feels the urgency of translating this idea into reality. He firmly believes that it is a workable and achievable idea that he could even taste already the sweetness of success that it would bring. Then, it becomes apparent that he would have to put into motion a series of positive and productive actions that would create an opportunity for him, and may eventually lead to the realization of his dream, that became an idea in his mind.

Success, if to be achieved, is always connected to action. A successful person always keeps on working and moving in pursuit of achieving his dreams. Of course, not all of his efforts give positive results because he also commits several mistakes along the way, and this is just normal, but he does not give up so easily, and he knows pretty well when to throw in the towel. Failures are just temporary setbacks that become added ingredients to sweet success. What really matters most here is not how big or small one thinks his idea is, but what he does with it and how he deals with himself as he goes about turning his great idea into a concrete reality. It is like giving this idea a chance that it just might materialize. After all, there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Sweet success is a consequence and a product of a well-planned course of actions, and a careful and consistent implementation of the program of works that is required. It is always the best move to start, at once at the onset, writing the heck out of one's mind about that grand design in his head. He should always keep in mind that his idea will only turn into dust if he does not put it into writing for the very simple reason that writing about it gives it a physical presence, that is, letters in ink on paper. At this point, the idea is now real because it is already taking up space and is already visible. And, the succeeding course of actions shall determine the complete realization of an idea that came from a dream.

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