4 Lessons Children Can Teach Us

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    May 09, 2013
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4 Lessons Children Can Teach Us Photo by Josh Rock

Somewhere along the way from childhood to our current state we lose some very important traits. Our surroundings and experiences have conditioned us to stop doing certain things as we age. While most of these habits and tendencies are lost for good reasons - sucking a soother in class or changing a diaper at party wouldn't be ideal. But, there are a few characteristics that we posses as children that we should try to never lose.

Unconditional love isn’t hard.

When a child loves someone, it is unconditional. They don’t care about your past relationships, mistakes, or decisions. There is no strings attached to their love, They love you for you and nothing will change that. How many people do you love like that today? Do you put conditions and try to change the ones you love?  Give love unconditional to those who deserve it in life.

Be excited over everything.

Children have more excitement for life than any of us. Ever seen a child at Christmas?– words can not describe the blend of joy and exhilaration they exhibit. It's not just big events though, they're excited in the simplest moments as well, like when a parent comes home from work or they get a treat after dinner. Their excitement consumes them and they are fully happy in that moment. When's the last time you were excited about something and actually expressed it? As we grow older we become less excited for the things in our world. We lose the ability to appreciate and enjoy moments in life. Be excited for what you have. Get excited to meet that friend for lunch, to finish that assignment, or even just be excited when you wake up and it's a nice day outside. Any situation presented to you opens up an opportunity to be excited and energized.

Dream big

Ask a child what their dream is in life, it will surely astonish you or make you laugh. They have no limits on their dreams, if they can think it, then they can do it. Not only do they dream big, but they FULLY believe it will happen. They have the positive attitude and outlook we all need in our dreams. If you don’t believe you'll do something, you probably wont do it. Don’t let our world crush your dreams. Aspire to be anything or anyone you want. If your dreams aren't doubted by people, then they aren’t big enough.

Be curious and never stop exploring.

Children are stupendously curious. They are constantly exploring, questioning and wondering about everything in life. This is curial for their development because it allows them to learn at an incredible rate. If a child is curious about a hot stove top, they will want to explore, and they will touch it, and in turn, learn it's freaking hot and that it hurts. And now they know not to touch it again. Curiosity is the root of learning and intelligence. Why is it with age we lose this phenomenal trait ? The greatest minds on the planet are all driven by intense curiosity. Start to question everything. Explore life for yourself and don’t believe everything you hear. Regain your endless curiosity for the world and make the world yours to explore.

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