Arranged Marriages

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    Jan 19, 2013
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In my opinion arranged marriages have advantages and disadvantages. Some people think that arranged marriages are a good idea and some people think the opposite.

However, to my mind there are a lot of the pros of arranged marriages. First of all, the couple enters the marriage not expecting too much. That`s why they are not very sad when they are disappointed.

 A second point is that your partner is usually an appropriate match according to education, wealth and background. Because of that, arranged marriages are often successful. Actually, there are more divorces between couples who thought they were marrying for love.

Another advantage is that your parents and your family are happy because of your choice. Your parents know what is best for you. They usually choose a responsible person. It means you will have a long-lasting marriage.

Last, but not least, an arranged marriage saves your time and effort.  You avoid making mistakes and making rash and immature decisions.

However, there are several disadvantages of arranged marriages. Firstly, you marry someone you don`t know and you might even not like him or her. Your parents are satisfied, but you are sad, because they choose the person corresponding for them, not for you.

Secondly, you should make your own decisions about serious things in your lives. You don`t have the right to make an individual choice. It is contrary to the ideas of individual liberty. In addition to this, it isn`t a marriage for love and it can be disastrous if you love somebody else.

And a final and very important point is that your family may make a wrong decision. You know best what kind of person suits you and it is often extremely difficult to get out of a loveless marriage.

Overall, to my mind, one can`t say whether arranged marriages are a good or a bad idea. Everything depends on the family choosing the right person.

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