Choosing The Right Videographer For Your Wedding Videos In Ireland

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    Jan 29, 2013
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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Much time and effort will go into making it memorable and because you want it to be perfect, no detail will be left to chance. Finding the right source for your wedding videos in Ireland shouldn't be left to chance either.

A quick search on the internet will reveal many wedding videographers advertising their services to film your special day and make your wedding DVDs. They're not all the same though, and don't all offer the same services. That's why it's important to think about what you want and carefully review the things they offer.

It's not about finding a cheap price, though of course the cost matters. But there is no second chance to get it right, so looking at price alone is not enough. The wedding film that is made will be a memory for you to keep and share with family and friends for the rest of your life. A family heirloom that will be treasured. It's hard to put a price on that.

Each website will try to convince you that they are the best, but careful scrutiny of the packages they offer, coupled with deciding what is important to you, will help you decide which wedding videographer's service is the right one. Packages differ in whether or not they will film only the service itself, or include preparations as the bride and groom get ready, how many dances they will film at the reception and also in how many copies of the wedding DVD will be included. Variations in presentation packages, as well as the number of copies included as gifts for the wedding party and parents of the happy couple are also options to be considered as well.

In short, there are many decisions to be made before finalizing who to hire to make your wedding videos in Ireland. Take the time to view samples on each company's website and read all the fine print explaining what is included in their packages. Then have a wonderful day, secure in the knowledge that doing your homework before will ensure you have treasured memories recorded for your happy future together.

Wedding Videography Styles

As your wedding day draws closer, you may feel thrilled and frightened at the same time. This is a normal sentiment since your wedding would mark a new chapter of your life. And if you want to make your big day more special, then a professionally-made wedding video will make it happen.

However, different people have different wants. So, to give your wedding videos a personal touch, you can choose from the following videography styles that will suit your needs:

Traditional. This wedding videography style presents an output requiring minimal editing and amateur qualities. The main intention for this style is to provide you with a more personal tone or a feeling of home. Usually, one camera can suffice for this style so if you are watching your budget, then this may be a good choice.

Cinematic. As the name implies, your video would appear like a movie. If you choose this style, then a more professional output would be presented to you, including cool background music and sound effects to will make you feel like a star on your very own wedding film.

Journalistic or documentary. This wedding videography style is probably the most popular. If you want your wedding ceremony and reception to be filmed like a documentary, where moments are captured as they happen and no direction is provided, then this style is the one for you. A story about how you started with your better half will be told through the film, including interviews from your family and friends and candid moments during your big day.

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