Are You Making the Most Out of Your Garden?

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    Sep 27, 2013
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Are You Making the Most Out of Your Garden? Photo by John Nicholson

During the majority of my 20s I lived in a really nice apartment close to the centre of town and loved every minute of it. As I have gotten older though the allure of suburban living has become stronger and last year I moved into a beautiful house with plenty of room and a lovely big back garden, which was the one thing I missed while living in my apartment. I had lots of images in my mind of me and my friends lounging in the back garden at the weekends with a cold glass of wine enjoying the aroma of my herb border and the brightly coloured flowers.

Of course the reality was very different and I barely spent any time in my garden. To start with I got involved in decorating the house to put my stamp on it and then by the time summer came round the garden had started to get a little out of control and I have to admit that I was unsure what to do about it. So apart from a few uncomfortable hours sat in a chair on the patio looking out at the wilderness my dreams of garden living came to nothing. This year though I am determined to make the most of my garden and I have a plan.

With the help of my local garden maintenance services my garden is in the process of having a complete make over. It has been stripped right back and they are putting in borders, paving, new patio, lawn and so on. They are even building me a summer house that I can disappear to when I want some peace and quiet. They listened to what I wanted and then added a few suggestions and together we have come up with a great plan. The other clever thing that I have done is engage them to come and look after it for me to ensure that it can never return to the jungle that it had become – after all I think we can safely say that I am not fortunate enough to be green fingered!

So if you have a garden that you don’t use and you have no idea where to start with it may you should consider getting in the professionals. It’s nowhere near as expensive as you probably imagine. Although strangely you may find that it ends up saving you money because you will not want to be going out all the time when there is a gorgeous garden just waiting for you and your cold glass of wine.

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