Keeping Ants Under Control

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    Apr 12, 2013
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Ants are prevalent all across the United States and there are many different types of ants that might be interested in invading your home. But if you know what attracts ants, you can go through your home and eliminate these enticements.

First and foremost are carpenter ants. These ants prefer to live in areas where dead wood can be found and will chew through the wood in order to expand their home – hence the name carpenter ant. They will raid kitchen pantries for a variety of foods, and they will also eat other insects if given the chance. They need a consistent source of moisture in order to have a thriving colony.

Next there are black ants, also known as sugar ants. These are the ants that are most identifiable as they march along in lines or along defined trails. Oftentimes you will see them in your kitchen as they search for food. Food can include everything from a piece of fruit on the counter to an old soda spill on the floor. They also require moisture for a solid colony.

New Jersey is also home to the infamous fire ant. A sting from a fire ant will often mean a raised welt, but multiple bites can be dangerous, and anyone allergic to the sting will more than likely require medical attention if they receive too many. Fire ants like to build their nests along the home’s foundation and enter through cracks. They too will eat a number of foods and if they find it in your home, you can expect to see many more of them.

Keeping Them Out

One of the surest ways to deter ants is simply by making sure they have nothing to eat or drink within your home. This means cleaning up all spills, not leaving food out on the counter, and making sure garbage is taken out regularly. Make sure any standing water is eliminated, and if anything is leaking make sure that it gets fixed.

You can also take further measures by doing a very careful walkthrough in and around your home and seal up cracks, crevices, and holes so ants and other pests cannot get in. Not only will this help to deter ants, but it will discourage other potential pests from sneaking inside and living in your home. With the right tools you can improve your home and stay ant-free all at once.

What if Ants are Already Here?

If you already have an ant problem, you can start to slow them down by doing some of the above tasks. After that, your best choice is to contact an ant pest control company. This is because do-it-yourself treatments may not always work – mostly because we don’t always know where the ants hide. This can be especially true of carpenter ants. A professional pest control technician will know the best ways to find where an ant’s colony is, as well as the best products to use in order to clear out the problem.

Pest control companies also have access to all kinds of eco-friendly products. Most of the items average shoppers find on shelves are full of toxins and various chemicals that can do a lot more damage than good in the long run. Call someone for help today and get your ant problem fixed once and for all.

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