Homes With Exterior(Interior) Paint Colors Done Right

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    Jun 04, 2013
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Painting the house.
Painting the house.
Photo by Ian Wilson

Painting your home’s exterior or interior may seem quite easy at first, but when you take the time to consider all aspects of the project, you will realise how much thought and planning goes into painting, not to mention the skill and effort it takes to do it right. 

Exterior and interior painting, are two very different processes, although they use the same tools of the trade, so to speak. Painting is all about prep work and choosing the right colour scheme. If you want to use professional painters and decorators, these contractors will prove to be invaluable with their experience and technical know-how. Find them online by typing painters in your area, in the local industry listings – all the good players should be listed online for your ease and convenience.

One of the advantages of using professional painting service is the consultation you get on colour, types of paint, and colour schemes. Not that you can’t determine these on your own, but qualified professionals will provide you with complete painting solutions and will use the right paint systems.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home’s exterior is based on a number of things. Certain local council in some areas only allow for houses to be painted in a set number of colours or to follow a predetermined colour scheme, this is usually reserved for up class areas, but nevertheless consult with your council first.

The colour scheme should also match the style, and age of the structure. Classic or cottage style homes are usually painted in certain colours, whereas contemporary homes are painted in different, not so traditional colours in order to accent features or modernistic design.

Painting the exterior of the house in the same colour is boring, although cheap and practical. You need to have a colour scheme or two of three colours used for painting different exterior features. For instance, olive green weatherboards go well with white or grey window shutters and downpipes. White weatherboards go well with black or brown exterior features - the examples are many.

Brick houses are also paintable on the outside, though the applied techniques are different. Brick homes give you a different set of exterior features, like interlocking bricklaying patterns which can be painted in different colours to the rest of the brickwork. Wrought iron exterior features like lights, railings, gates, etc. are usually painted in a contrasting colour.

I really hope these tips can help you turn your old house into a dream home.

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