Cleaning Your Deck And The Concrete Platform Underneath

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    May 15, 2013
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Cleaning Your Deck And The Concrete Platform Underneath Photo by John Nicholson

Cleaning your deck can seem like an easy enough task but cleaning under your deck may prove a bit more challenging. Basically, if you wish to clean under your deck, you'll have to work through the whole deck itself. Now, most people probably imagine that they have to remove every single deck board, clean the inside and place the boards again. The cleaning process is much more straightforward than what most people imagine.

For this cleaning process you'll require:

  • A pressure washer
  • A cleaning solution for a pressure washer
  • A garden hose hooked to running water
  • Protective goggles

Before you can begin cleaning, you must first remove any objects from the deck. This includes, furniture, plants, decorations and so forth. There might be an item that can't be moved, so instead just cover it with a heavy tarp. Also, cover any nearby electrical equipment such as outdoor electrical sockets and lighting fixtures.

If you've never used a pressure washer before, it's a good idea to read the instructions. Even if you have, the model you're using might be different than the one you've used before so again, read the instructions before you use the pressure washer. Always wear protective goggles when working with a pressure washer.
Now, after you've read how to use the machine, set it to its lowest pressure setting.

Note: NEVER start any cleaning procedure with the pressure washer on a high pressure setting. This could easily damage the deck as well as any other surface you're cleaning.

Once you start cleaning the deck, be sure to wash it entirely. This may seem bothersome but there is no other way of getting between the cracks. The water will be able to penetrate the spaces between the cracks and remove any dirt build-up. Be sure to spray from a distance and if necessary, you can increase the pressure, until you're cleaning effectively enough without damaging the wood. Also, be sure to work in a sweeping motion - this is another way to avoid damaging the wood.

After you're done cleaning with the pressure washer, use your garden hose to rinse the deck. This will help remove any possible dirt and grime that has been left behind.

Generally, you need to be careful when cleaning with a pressure washer. You might end up permanently damaging your deck during the cleaning process. If you're unsure about cleaning your deck by yourself, leave the job to the professionals. The same can be said if you've damaged the deck during cleaning - just call expert builders to your aid.

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