How To Make a High Ceiling Seem Lower

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    Aug 02, 2013
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How To Make a High Ceiling Seem Lower Photo by John Nicholson

High ceilings are great for places like theaters and cathedrals but when you have a high ceiling at home it can create a very unfriendly atmosphere. To get back the cozy feeling in the rooms you'll need to trick the vision of your guest and make it seem lower. How to do it? Just read the article below.

Dark colours are known to make rooms seem smaller, so in this case it self-explanatory that they will make a ceiling look lower. Dark green, brown, red, orange, as long as the colour is darker than the one your walls it will work.

Another way of bringing the ceiling down is to attach a picture rail or wooden wall edging. Make sure you bring the ceiling painting at least 30cm down.

Using patterns on the ceiling is another way of making it look closer than it is. You can put patterned paper or you can paint them on then ceiling. You might have noticed this style of ceiling in large hotel lobbies and theaters.

Adding different decorative elements can really make the ceiling not only seem lower but also much more beautiful. Molding, overhead lighting, large fixtures and chandeliers will make it look much better. Also, consider a tray ceiling that will break up the flat look and make the ceiling look less flat.

Horizontal lines can bring up the contrast needed to make the ceiling seem lower. Wide frames on paintings and low wide furniture are really recommended.

The drapes on the windows shouldn't be too heavy and long. The shorter they are the better. Best scenario is when they cover only a portion of the windows and are not attached near the ceiling. Curtains generally create a vertical line and with the above methods you will avoid this.

We mentioned lighting before but it's really essential of you're going for a more cozy lower look for your ceiling. Install wall lamps at a lower level, this will create a sense of intimacy. Also, install only fixtures with closed tops that way the light we'll be a bit dimmer and will not brighten the will space.

Any kind of pictures should be placed lower than the usual. The viewing angle should be always at a lower level than the viewer's eyes. Aim for horizontal alignment for the picture frames.

These tips should be enough to make your ceiling seem lower and of course make the room much cozier. If you need more advice and help to make this project come true, just call a professional handyman agency and ask the for design and decoration help.

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