How To Easily Replace a Doorknob

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    Dec 06, 2013
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How To Easily Replace a Doorknob Photo by John Nicholson

Doorknobs are usually quite sturdy and don't break too often, but sometimes with time they get worn off and start to make strange noises and look terrible. In this article we'll see which is the best and easiest way to replace them.

First before you start the removal of the old doorknob you'll have to decide on a new one. The best you can choose (avoiding colours and style) is a one that fits the old holes perfectly and you won't have to drill new one on your door. When you have consulted the store clerk and you have chosen the right one you want it's time to get rid of the old one.

Begin by removing the crews on the face plate (usually you have to rotate counterclockwise). Next, remove the screws on the knob plate. Be prepared to catch the falling parts (it will come off on both sides simultaneously). Pull the handles from both side they should come off easily. Pull out the face plate and the pawl from the opening. Last remove the strike plate on the side of the door. Just loosen the screws and take if off. This is it your doorknob is dismantled. Let's put the new one on the door.

You'll have to put the new parts from the last your remove to the first. This means you begin with the strike plate and the pawl mechanism. Align it to the old holes and see if it fits. If you have to make an adjustment for the strike plate and the pawl just use a hammer and a chisel.

Push the pawl and the face plate into the door. If the opening is too small and you can't force it with your hands just drill a bigger hole. On the other hand if the hole is to big and the mechanism is loose secure it with a block of wood. Screw the mechanism into the door and check if it's level.

Time for the handles. Fit the handles into the square opening and test it to see if it opens like it should and is positioned in the right direction. This moment is crucial and you won't believe how many people make a mess of it and realize it at the end. Install the screws that hold the handle. Test it again to see if everything is night and tight and it doesn't wobble.

Finally, screw the strike plate and test if the door is shutting like it's supposed to. Make any necessary adjustments if needed. And that's it you doorknob is brand new.

If you can't deal with this type of repairs in your home make sure you call a professional handyman to do the job for you. Especially, if it's a front door you should leave to a specialist.

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