Best Colours For Your Kitchen

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    May 08, 2013
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Best Colours For Your Kitchen Photo by John Nicholson

Choosing the best colour for your kitchen can be a really tiring and confusing process. There are tons of colours to choose from and all of them look great when you first see them but are they really suitable for your kitchen. Of course every person has his own preferences and likes different colours best and the colour should be  but there are some that you should consider and some that you should stay away from. Let's see what professional designers have to say about the subject.

Earthier colours like brown, yellow and neutrals are the best choice for your kitchen according to designers. You should stay away from dark purple, blue and green colours because they add a very gloomy atmosphere that is not proper for such a room.

Light yellow is considered the best choice for a kitchen colour by many home designers and housekeepers. This colour will not stress you when you are in the room because it's mild and will not startle your guests when they come to visit. Also, this colour brings out the natural brown colour of any wooden kitchen cabinets (if you plan on having this certain colour). If you have a small kitchen this bright colour will make it seem bigger and much more spacious.

The strong yellow colour on the other side is a very traditional and classic colour for such a room. It will make the mood in the room more settled and looks great if you plan on installing red furniture. This old school, country looking colour is for people that like the look of their room warm and cozy.

Brown is an earthy colour that also goes well in kitchen where you have a lot of light. It goes without say that if you have great lighting and a lot of windows, bright colours will make the room too bright.  Brown will ease that stressful for the eyes atmosphere and will look great. It goes very well with white and silver appliances, and adds a very sophisticated atmosphere.

If you want something more daring red is the choice for you. This is a very rich colour that goes great with stainless steel and granite surfaces. Red wall paint with white kitchen cabins are also a great choice for a more provocative look.

Now, what to do if you really like green, blue and purple colours and you have decided to paint your kitchen this way. Well, the only suitable idea for you is to choose the less strong colours and choose the brighter ones. In this case the more the better because the colours are dark to begin with and if you choose their natural look you will have a very, very dark kitchen. Also,you can reverse some of the dark and gloomy feel by installing white kitchen cabinets and appliances.

I really hope that these designer tips will help you choose the best colour for you kitchen. And no matter what colour you pick, be sure to hire trustworthy and reputable builders. This way you'll know that the final result will be what you expect it to be.

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