The War on Energy Costs - Do Your Bit to Reduce Home Heating Bills

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    Nov 25, 2012
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It is a fact that energy prices will continue to rise in the future. Experts have warned that home heating oil prices are set to climb in the next few months and householders should buy now to avoid increasing costs.

Plan Ahead for Good Savings

Be a fuel fighter as winter approaches, planning ahead is one of the major steps you can take to help reduce your oil heating costs. You need to look at the market carefully and decide the best times to buy. Leaving it until the last minute could cost you more money as in recent years the costs of heating oil have risen sharply during the colder months. It is important for householders to get organised and buy oil when the prices are at their lowest.

Not only will planning ahead save you money but it could also reduce your delivery times. In recent years the UK has experienced some severe weather during the winter months. This caused spikes in central heating oil demands during the months of November and December which put a lot of pressure on domestic heating oil suppliers. Many households were left waiting for their oil deliveries due to a backlog in orders and this was compounded further by severe weather disrupting the roads.

If you want to be sure you have the domestic oil you need to see you through this winter then buy early. This could save you money and ensure you have your tank filled and ready for the cold weather.

Fight Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is becoming an increasing problem in the UK due to rising prices. Many households on low incomes struggle to pay for the fuel they need during the colder months. Experts have warned that in the current market many families are spending as much as 10% of their income on energy bills alone. This has left many people struggling to provide the basic heating they need for their families.

One positive way to fight fuel poverty is to make sure that you are receiving the most competitive price available. This is a simple but effective tool for the consumer and with many internet sites now offering live online pricing, timing when you place your order has become far easier.

Many oil distributors offer discounts for a ordering a higher quantity or allowing longer lead times. By ordering a larger volume of oil from domestic heating oil suppliers you can get some good discounts which will lower the overall pence per litre price paid for your fuel. By using the resources that are available at the click of a button you too can fight back against rising energy costs and secure savings to prevent the of risk fuel poverty.

There may ultimately be nothing you can do about rising home heating oil prices. However you can help to reduce your heating bills by planning ahead and not waiting till the last minute to place your orders.

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