Post-Secondary Hospitality Management of Centennial College - Opt For It And Get Your Career Raging

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Post-Secondary Hospitality Management of Centennial College - Opt For It And Get Your Career Raging Photo by Gene Haskell

When I look back and connect the dots, I realize that attending Centennial College was the first right step. I loved my time when I was there. I love my present because I happened to be wherever I’m today because of my decision to attend Centennial. I owe my success to the college, teachers and my classmates, some of which are my best buddies even now.

I enrolled in post-secondary hospitality management – hotel and resort program and studied for two years here. The experience was extraordinary. The reasons being availability of resources that I could utilize when studying here, interaction with people from different cultures and backgrounds that enriched me on personal level, the variety of careers that the program prepared me for, real-world experience through industry placement that prepared me for the world of work even before I was a graduate and open communication with teachers that increased my confidence level.

Joining Centennial was not a hasty decision. I took my time and conducted a lot of research before making my decision. I knew that hospitality was a booming industry but at the same time I also knew that job market was challenging for those who didn’t have practical hands-on experience. So, I didn’t want to settle nothing lesser than the best. I checked Centennial College ratings both online and offline. I met some of its hospitality students and alumni. And they spoke highly of the college. The best part was that I didn’t even feel that I was talking to them for the first time. They all were so friendly. May be this was the ‘Centennial Difference’.

I spent a great deal of my college time in understanding people and cultures, which proved to be extremely beneficial for my hospitality career. I also studied a wide range of courses, including kitchen and dining room practices, bartending, sanitation, safety and hygiene, front office operations, tourism marketing, hotel sales, housekeeping and facilities management and hospitality law and security.

This program prepared me for careers in front office, food and beverages, sales and marketing, housekeeping, human resources and accounting. However, I chose hotel sales and marketing. I was fortunate enough to get an industry field placement with this hotel that became my employer after I graduated from the program. The credentials are highly regarded in the marketplace. My efforts and Centennial’s reputation landed me in this job.

I recommend Centennial’s hospitality programs to everyone. I’m sure they will have the best time of their life here. It’s such an amazing experience being here. I’ll come back to Centennial whenever I make up my mind to upgrade my skills.

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The author talks about Centennial College Ratings of Post-secondary Hospitality Management program where the students can get real-world experience by interacting with people coming from different cultures and upgrading the skills to niche level.

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