Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Drive your Motorcycle after having dashing Experience

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    Jul 09, 2014
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Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Drive your Motorcycle after having dashing Experience Photo by Gene Haskell

It wasn’t until I went to Centennial College that riding a motorcycle is much more than just driving and parking it. Of course, driving a motorcycle is exhilarating but the real trouble begins when you don’t know how to ensure your safety while driving. So, if you’re on a motorcycle and aren’t thinking about your own safety, you’re literally putting yourself in danger.

The Motorcycle Rider Training program at Centennial is a comprehensive training package. It is taught by certified and experienced instructors. The best part is that the motorcycles are provided by the college and include Honda, Suzuki, VStar and Marauder. No exceptions are accepted and once enrolled in this program, you will have to attend all classes of the section you’re registered in. The program is CSC (Canada Safety Council) approved and helps you obtain M2 driver’s license. And once you successfully obtain an M2 license, you may take your M test within 22 months to complete the whole license.

What I like most about this program is that everyone has to follow a proper uniform code. Everyone must have an ECE or dot-approved motorcycle helmet. As a student of this program, you must wear a heavy long-sleeved non-synthetic jacket, blue jeans or heavy slacks, full-finger leather gloves, and heavy duty leather boots that have a heel and cover the ankle and an eye protection. This feels absolutely amazing.

You need to be 16 years of age or older to apply for Centennial College motorcycle course. Apart from this, you must possess a valid Ministry of Transportation of Ontario M1 permit. This program helps to learn you ride safely. Offering a right balance of theory and practical, it offers complete understanding on motorcycle safety and general theory, cold starting, balancing, gear changing, braking, stopping, pattern riding, shoulder checking, slow riding, collision avoidance and traffic behaviours.

The courses are held on weekends and you not only receive motorcycle riding training but also get numerous opportunities to become friends with people having the same passion. The training is provided from the motorcycle rider training manual at Ashtonbee campus, a convenient location in the Greater Toronto Area with excellent facilities.

Although a number of colleges in Toronto provide motorcycle riding training but I chose Centennial because the college has been training motorcycle riders for more than 25 years. And it provides certified and experienced instruction. It’s a short yet intensive program that covers all aspects of motorcycle riding.

If you’re also passionate about riding motorcycles and are looking to obtain you M license, the motorcycle riding training program at Centennial makes the right choice.

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The author after watching Centennial Student Reviews say about Centennial College Motorcycle Course and says that it offers certified & experienced instructions with theory lectures and aspects of motorcycle riding.

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