Centennial College, Toronto - Taking Your Career A Leap Ahead With Diversified Programs

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    Jul 01, 2014
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Centennial College, Toronto - Taking Your Career A Leap Ahead With Diversified Programs Photo by Gene Haskell

If you're considering going to Centennial College, any of its campuses for any of the courses, I'll give you a go ahead. Whether you're just pursuing your interests or interested in training for a specific career, it is just the right college in Toronto. Be it a full-time program or a part-time, an apprenticeship program or a co-op, a degree program or a fast-track course, distance learning or university preparation, you won't be disappointed ever.

At Centennial you not only find what you need to study but you also explore life beyond just reading, assignments and career preparation. You're transitioned into a person who is free from all the prejudices, accepts others the way they are, is willing to learn continuously, and respects human beings regardless of their region, religion, origin and color. Precisely, you become a better person, as the college not only focuses on your intellectual development but emphasizes on your overall development.

Centennial College Schools

Centennial College's schools prepare you for careers in almost all key areas, such as hospitality, business, engineering, community and health studies, tourism and culture, transportation, media, design and applied sciences.

The college provides you with education through a number of schools, including School of Advancement, School of Business, School of Transportation, School of Continuing Education, School of Community and Health Studies, School of Communications, Media and Design, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science and School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture.

The schools invite applications from all communities, including high school graduates, international students, and youth, laid off individuals, aboriginal people and those changing careers. These schools help you achieve your career aspirations and assist in obtaining employment. Not only this, if you're interested in retraining for a new career, college's Employment Services Centre offers you Second Career assessments and application support to identify if you're eligible.

If you go by Centennial student reviews, you will know that the college also offers a range of services, including resources, information and referral services, job search assistance and workshops, individual job coaching, job matching and placement services, apprenticeship information and second career support. The best part is that the employment services are offered free of cost.

Distance Learning

Apart from full-time and part-time courses, Centennial also offers numerous distance learning courses, which provide you the freedom to achieve your educational goals without actually altering your daily schedule. Whether you're a professional or a stay-at-home mom or run your own business, distance learning courses offer you the convenience and flexibility to study when you want or find time. Distance education facility at the college helps you overcome all possible barriers to learning.

No matter what your educational or associated career goal is, Centennial College's courses can help you achieve them. Simply contact the college and seek assistance to find what program best suits your requirements.

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