Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Get Your Career Run with right training

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    Jun 19, 2014
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Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Get Your Career Run with right training Photo by Gene Haskell

Does driving a motorcycle make your senses alive? Does it seem adventurous to you? Or do disbanding and assembling and repairing various parts of motorcycle excite you?

Well, then a course in motorcycle and power sports product repair techniques is for you. This piece of information is for you if you intend to follow your passion for motorcycles and build careers in a related field at the same time. But if you don’t have any interest in two-wheelers, it’s recommended that you ignore it.

A motorcycle and power sports product repair course opens doors to careers in power sports, motorcycle and small engine industries, even if you have no previous experience. Few years ago when I was in high school, I really searched a course that could help me follow my passion as well as prepare me for the world of work.

I visited several college campuses; went through numerous brochures; explored curriculums of various motorcycle courses available in Toronto. My search ended at Centennial College motorcycle course that ran for 32 weeks.  

It gave me in-depth theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training in almost all related areas. This short but intensive program not only covered engine systems, fuel systems, electrical systems, power trains, brakes and chassis and hydraulics and pneumatics, but it focused on Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, English communication for motive power technicians and approaches to customer service.

What compelled me more to take up this program was the inclusion of hands-on training in all the latest and important diagnostic skills. Moreover, the faculty members were seasoned professionals, connected to the industry and committed to student success. Another important consideration was college’s up-to-date labs. Well equipped with the latest products, it’s the perfect place for a complete range of technical training, including mechanical systems, welding, communications, math, health and safety in workplace and computers.

The training is based on the small engine and Level 1 motorcycle technician apprenticeship curriculum. The best part is that there is an active program advisory committee representing product manufacturers, dealers and independent repairers, which further enriches the program curriculum.

The course also covers potential certification in manufacturer parts and service online systems. And what makes the program worth considering is that it has been endorsed by the Canadian Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) National Accreditation Board. The college’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of education and training has led to the assessment of the program by the CARS.

You can seek admission if you have successfully completed Grade 12 Workplace, College or University entry level English. And as a graduate of this program, you can either choose to pursue your career or may apply your credit rewards towards your apprenticeship requirements.

If you’re seriously looking for a career in this field, look no further than Centennial College’s motorcycle and power sports product repair techniques program.

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The author after watching Centennial Student Reviews say Centennial College Motorcycle Course can make your career go ahead with wide number of options for career selection after having complete range of technical training and practical experience.

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