Centennial College - Building Fast Track Careers While Expanding Your Learning Practices

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    Jun 30, 2014
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Centennial College - Building Fast Track Careers While Expanding Your Learning Practices Photo by Gene Haskell

When I first came to Centennial College back in 2011, what really impressed me was its beautiful building and friendly environment. However, as the years proceeded, I have become deeply fond of this place.

I found that there was much beyond its beautiful buildings. I appreciated the small class sizes, which not only helped in better understanding of the subjects but also helped in building strong friendships with the fellow learners. I developed lifelong friendships here. The best part was that I began to respect human beings for what they are and shed my prejudices about where they came from.

Another factor that added to my experience at Centennial was the professional approach of faculty members. Their core focus had always been on preparing us to enter the workforce, while offering us distinct ways to learn, observe and do things in a global context. Having strong industry and academic backgrounds, they helped us at every step right from gaining specific knowledge and skills to identifying our interests and career goals and preparing for the world of work. I learnt so much from my teachers, who focused not just on classroom education but also shared numerous real life experiences. If you’re interested in exploring further, check out Centennial College reviews on the college website and see what students and alumni have to say.

If, like me, you’re also interested in exploring different cultures, Centennial is the right place to be. When I first came to Centennial, I was slightly surprised. It seemed as if I had come to an entirely different world. There were many people, including faculty, admin staff and students, from different places and backgrounds. And what surprised me more was the level of comfort they had in living and working with others who belonged to an entirely different culture.

This was what compelled me to opt for college residence. The fully furnished rooms offered us the utmost comfort during our stay in the residence. The double suites were equipped with an array of features and services, including double beds, desks and chairs, dressers, private washrooms, microwave, bar sized fridge, cable TV, internet access, and air conditioning and heating control and laundry facilities. We also had an easy access to convenience stores, vending machines, fax and photocopy services, community kitchen and garden atrium and pool table and video games.

The residence offers great security. The staff is on duty 24 hours and all of the common areas are video recoded. You just can’t let yourself in your room, until you slide your electronic card into your suit door. And all visitors have to register prior to entry and provide a valid piece of photo-identification. This ensures complete safety of the students at all the time.

Centennial College offers a complete experience to students. If you’re considering this college, you’re on the right track.

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