Centennial's 'Recreation and Leisure Services' Diploma Program - Attaining in-depth knowledge to gain proficiency

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    Jul 29, 2014
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Centennial Photo by Gene Haskell

Centennial College prepared me for a career that I didn't even know about. I'm a recreation and leisure counselor today and I owe my success to my choice to attend Centennial's ‘Recreation and Leisure Services' diploma program.

I knew that I wanted to be in an industry that I have a passion for. I did some research and read about Centennial College reputations. But I wasn't sure of what I wasn't getting into until I began attending the classes. The college has certainly done their homework for what the recreation and leisure companies look for and what knowledge and skills students need to possess to get into the industry.

The teachers knew their field. Their mastery over the subjects, confidence, readiness to help students and conviction only strengthened my passion. I could actually visualize my career. The curriculum was so well structured and diverse that I was able to easily grasp the concepts related to life span development, recreation and leisure management, diversity management, child and youth development, cultural awakening as well as the business of recreation.

The opportunity to gain experience through industry field placements was key to my career path. The two-year program incorporated four field placements, giving me the opportunity to gain real life experience. This allowed me to apply my learning into practice and make strong industry connections. And I was prepared for my role in the industry even before I graduated from the program. Additionally, the course also helped me develop strong interpersonal skills, which were essential for a rewarding career in this field.

Huge thanks to my program coordinator and teachers, who were up to date with the industry practices, and knew exactly how to run the program! The diploma earned reflected high learning standards and credentials were highly valued in the marketplace. The best part about this program is that it prepares students for community, healthcare and corporate careers. I chose to build a career in healthcare industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Centennial. The whole experience was fabulous. I'm grateful to have met so many wonderful people during my time here. It certainly provides the best student life in Toronto. I'm saying this because I stayed in college residence during my program tenure and it was great to be there. I couldn't have thought of a better college life.

It's been two years since I have graduated from the program. I have recommended it to many others. And I seriously believe that even they will enjoy their time at Centennial as much as I did.

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The author here reviews about Centennial College Reputations while writing about the how its Recreation and Leisure Services’ Diploma Program grooms the students in best way to step ahead in the industry.

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