Centennial College Management Program - Accelerating your career with leadership

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Centennial College Management Program - Accelerating your career with leadership Photo by Gene Haskell

I had applied to the two-year graduate certificate program in Global Business Management at Centennial College, Toronto last year. Current is my second and final year at the college and I'm totally loving it here.

The biggest advantage is that it accepts international students and is an equal-opportunity college. I haven't had any big problems since the beginning of my course. As I was an international student, I was slightly nervous on the first day of the college. But to my surprise, I was not the only one. There were many students from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The friendly admin staff and faculty teachers made me feel as if I belonged here throughout my life.

It's definitely a great college and I'm very proud of my decision of choosing it. The two-year course in Global Business Management delivers a unique blend of strategic management and international concepts, preparing graduates to lead and manage effectively in the global business environment. The professors are all brilliant. They are very friendly and masters of their respective subjects.

I took this program because it offers international students, like me, the eligibility to apply for a work permit of up to three years upon graduation. Additionally, it offers strong employment prospects. I always wanted to work in Canada; so, enrolling in this program was like dream coming true. However, this program offered me much more than what I had thought of.

This particular program delivers the knowledge and practical skills that are transferrable across several industries. It is a plus point for all graduates who want to build rewarding careers in today's highly competitive business world. Moreover, it incorporates guest lectures, external competitions, industry visits and presentation of research reports. This helps in putting our classroom learning into practice, understand the latest industry trends and build relevant contacts.

The learning from the program extends much beyond theoretical concepts. This was what compelled me to take up this course. When I was searching for global business management courses online, I had read Centennial College course reviews written by college students and alumni. I also connected with few of the students through social media. And this was how I landed here.

I also knew that Centennial is the first community college in Toronto and has been providing students with quality education for decades. Most of its courses are recognized or affiliated by the authorities. This ensures that the college meets minimum required standards for program curriculum, qualifications and experience of faculty members and other teaching aids. This was enough to reinforce my decision to enrol in this college.

Those who are considering careers in global business management, I would advise them to go ahead and enrol in this course. This offers great industry exposure as well as strengthens your fundamentals. Centennial is certainly a great college in all respects.

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The author marks about Centennial College Course Reviews that any students who wish to opt for management program of this college, can get huge industry exposure with strong fundamentals.

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