College Programs Give You Skills Employers Want

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    Mar 27, 2014
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College Programs Give You Skills Employers Want Photo by Jason White

Sometimes, trying to launch a career feels like a vicious cycle. Employers want employees with training but in order to get training employees need someone to take them on. Secondly, employers now want to ensure that employees also have theoretical knowledge that is up-to-date and reflects the latest policies, research and developments in any given field. By attending a post-secondary program, the stresses of these aspects of launching a career are eliminated.

College programs come in varying focuses and with a range of features. However, at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, all programs have some commonalities. These commonalities ensure that whether you are interested in training for your current or future career, earning transfer credits for university studies or just pursuing your interests, you reach your goals. With more than 100 full-time programs, more than 160 part-time programs and thousands of part-time courses, you'll find what you (and your employers) need. It is also worth noting that among types of programs are: college and university preparation, joint programs, co-op programs, fast-track, degree programs, graduate certificate programs, apprenticeship programs, international education, distance learning, second career and dual credit.

Here is a look at some of the features that students will find among Centennial College's offerings.

  • A balance of theory-practical application is common. This is important as students not only obtain an educational base but also have the opportunity to apply that base before graduation, which ensures that they are comfortable in completing a number of tasks.
  • Obtaining real world experience prior to graduation occurs at Centennial College in a number of ways. For example, many programs offer co-op, internship or field placement opportunities. These opportunities may take place during the final semester of study, throughout the program or in between semesters. The real world experiences typically last for a number of weeks and see students completing duties for which they are training.
  • Fully equipped classrooms help students to obtain the type of training that will ensure they are up to speed. For example, students of Massage Therapy get to practice their craft in on-campus clinics with real customers. Meanwhile, those in the School of Transportation train from the country's largest transportation training centre, which includes vehicles and tools of the trade. Furthermore, programs within the School of Hospitality benefit from a state-of-the-art culinary centre, an on-campus restaurant and a conference centre entirely run by students.
  • Faculty members have years of training in the field that ensures they are well equipped to not only guide students but also to handle their questions, offer advice and connect them with professionals in the field who can help to expand their networks. These faculty members make themselves available to students during class hours and outside of class hours.

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In her article, Klaudia writes that Centennial College's college programs stand apart from many other institutions thanks to their focus on offering students an ideal balance between theory and practical application of that theory.

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