Building Careers in Music Industry

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Building Careers in Music Industry Photo by Pamela Wendell

Is music your passion? Or are you interested in getting into the music business? Wondering how to breakdown the door and land into your dream job in music industry? Or do you want to get into the business of copyrighting, licensing, publishing or royalties?

Well, what profession you want to choose is a matter of personal choice. When you're talented and wish to build a career in music industry, it doesn't have to be very complicated. All you need to do is hone your singing or instrument playing skills, understand the creative, contextual, business and technical aspects of music, understand the relationship between music and culture and learn about music marketing and social media techniques.

However, it's easier said than done. The question arises how to gain the required understanding, build strong fundamentals and develop creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills at the same time? Who to approach? Where to find such a program or course that can bridge the skill gap and lead you to the right career path? How to nurture your musicality or understand what is really expected of the professionals in music arts and performance industry?

The answer to all your queries is Centennial College's music composition program. Although numerous music education programs are available throughout Canada but Centennial's is an intensive and comprehensive program. It not only helps nurture your musicality but also raises your awareness on a variety of music cultures, provides knowledge of music-related technologies and offers you hands-on experience in a real world scenario.

What makes it stand apart from rest of the music schools Toronto is its coursework, which focuses on music theory as well as history of music, composition, music creation, music business fundamentals, audio engineering, indigenous music, storywork, music marketing and social media and sound mixing and editing, computer systems and music, artist management and promotion, music supervision and consulting and music journalism.

In addition, the music college Toronto offers you a lot of opportunities to create music, record and perform. A strong emphasis is laid on helping you understand how to make money with your music and how to build a sustainable career in today's fiercely competitive and fast-changing world.

The music program Toronto is ideal for students who want to turn their passion for music into exciting and sustainable careers. It is an advanced program that reflects high standards of learning, helping students become versatile, culturally aware and technical and business savvy musicians and singers. The three-year program runs through six semesters. You will be mentored by professional musicians during private music lessons and ensemble rehearsals.

The six-week field placement in the last semester is a valuable opportunity that allows you to put your learning into practice, create or promote music for an organization and build relevant contacts that can be used as references in future.

Interested in applying to this music program? Here is what you'll need: (1) secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent, or mature student status; and (2) scores of English Grade 12 C or University, or equivalent. You may also need to take an evaluation of Music Theory knowledge and complete a questionnaire about your music background and training.

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Author discusses how Centennial College's music composition program can help students hone their musical skills and gain technical and business skills to build careers in music industry.

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