Broadcasting and Film Program - Be An Expert With Ultimate Guidance Of Media Business Field

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Broadcasting and Film Program - Be An Expert With Ultimate Guidance Of Media Business Field Photo by Gene Haskell

All I can say is that attending Centennial College was a fantastic experience! Entering into the Canadian broadcasting industry seemed impossible to me before I joined Centennial’s broadcasting and film program. In fact, I had never thought that I would have a career in this industry. But when I got my first big break as an intern, it was like dream coming true.

Today, I’m glad that I learnt what I liked and didn’t choose any traditional program, like most high school graduates end up doing. I had made a lot of research about this program and read several Centennial student reviews. I also went through reviews from Centennial alumni who have built successful careers in the Canadian TV, radio and film industry.

The broadcasting and film program allowed me to understand every aspect of the film and TV industry as well as the careers that it offers. I gained knowledge and skills and confidence to enter the workforce. The teachers, who are associated with TV and film industry for decades, made me believe that building a career in this industry was possible and I could achieve my dreams.

What makes this program really different from those available at other colleges in Toronto is that all the teachers are real-world experts. So, in a way they are the industry representatives for students. It helps a great deal in understanding what actually employers demand from fresh graduates in today’s highly-challenging business environment.

Centennial is a great place to learn. The professors, who were also industry experts, encouraged us to explore as much as possible and pick from surroundings. They made us believe that passion is infectious and this is what keeps you going and ultimately helps you reach where you want to be. Their guidance along with learnings from this course and a 15-week full-time internship made us ready for the future workplace.

Well, if you think that it’s all fun, let me tell you that it also requires a lot of hard work. This is an intensive program that includes courses on media theory, photography, HD broadcast equipment and systems, writing for media, radio production, lighting, film appreciation and analysis, editing, picture design, sound editing, screenwriting, media business, on-air promotions and entrepreneurship. Not only this, the program also offers opportunity to participate in student films and TV and student-produced news magazines and TV shows.

The credentials earned are highly respected in the marketplace. I’m proud to say that I’m a Centennial graduate because employers feel that Centennial graduates are better prepared than most entry level personnel. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Centennial and it was during this program that I realized the benefits of hard work and consistency.

I owe my success to my teachers and recommend this program to everyone who wants to build a career in broadcasting industry.

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