Who Leads the World during 21st Century?

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Arnold Joseph Toynbee mentioned that during the 21st century, the only solution to our social problems greatly relies on both the doctrines of Confucius and Mencius.

During the Tang Dynasty, it is understood that Emperor Tai-Zong had compiled “The Book on Governing." The compilation of this book should be translated into different languages and circulated to world-wide so that more people can learn and benefit from it. Some of the intellectuals even said that the 21st century is the century for the Chinese, which is also the century of the Chinese culture. As what the Chinese believe, their traditional culture could save the world from disaster. Hence, it is forbidden for them to use politics, military, technology, economic and trade as their means to resolve all these social problems that occurred.

If the Chinese culture cannot be preserved, then this ethnic group would never become prosperous. If the Chinese culture, unfortunately, has been totally annihilated, then this nationality will be doomed. As you can see, among the four ancient civilizations in this world, China has survived. When we see the other three ancient civilizations, they do not longer exist. However, there is a possibility that China could face the same ill fate if no one strived to revive the Chinese traditional culture. In the end, none of these four civilizations can be sustained. Hence, to prevent this from happening, we must strive to preserve our own traditions and culture unfailingly. Otherwise, we will be sorry. Today, to revive our Chinese tradition and culture are the resolutions that every one of us has to shoulder.

In summary, there are two missions that we need to comply with - to save our Chinese ethics, and to resolve our world from disasters. These are the two primary obligations that we need to fulfill. 

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