What We Expect From A Man And His Wife

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    Sep 12, 2012
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There are many couples who cannot get along well with one another after getting married.  They would rather split and end their marriage by filing for a divorce than repair their marriage.

Nowadays, anyone who is involved in sexual relationships or sex scandals with people other than their husband or wife is considered as committing sexual misconduct. It would be interesting to find that for the body of those, who engaged themselves in such activities, would emit a foul-smelling odor. However, when we come across people who refrain from sex, they emit a faint scent naturally. The one who refrains from such misconduct is the one endowed with good luck, an elegant appearance, longevity and health.

There is an ancient wise saying, “The foremost of all evils is LUST.” The word “lust” comprises of two meanings in the olden days of China. First is the materialism we over-indulge in; and second, it also means sexual desire.

How do these calamities emerge? Today, if we contemplate carefully those people around us, most siblings do not obey their parents at home. Students no longer respect their teachers in school. Subordinates refuse to honor their superiors in the office. It is said such education turns out to be a failure that eventually leads to instability of today’s societies.

What is the education of today? Just ponder this question and ask, “Why can’t we accept the words of the old wise sages as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?” Let us take a look at the entertainment and the media today, comprising of advertisements and various publications as examples. Most female artistes would become popular after taking nude photographs intentionally. However, what would the effect be to their fans, especially the younger ones? They would easily develop and harbor the thought of sex cravings unconsciously.

What we hope for is happiness and joy in every family. As long as the bond between husband and wife remains strong and truthful, without the severance from any of these sexual temptations or whatsoever, family happiness can be well-maintained.  Among the Five Precepts in Buddhism, the most serious offence is sexual misconduct if one has committed it injudiciously.

What a man and his wife should never forget is their pledge exchanged during their wedding ceremony. They should remain loyal to each other for the rest of their lives. The atmosphere of this society will thus become favorable if every man and his wife willingly care for and support each other. Their children will be much-loved and there would be no domestic violence at home. This would definitely reduce the teen crime rate if they were brought up in such an ideal family environment. A proper social development derives from every man and wife as they are the main fundaments of building up a more graceful and amiable society of today. This is what we expect from every man and his wife.

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