Importance of Prayer in Islam

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    Sep 04, 2012
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In the name of Allah, praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and after ,

- Importance of Prayer

Of prayer in Islam is of great importance, and which shows the following:

1 - It is the second pillar of the pillars of Islam.

2 - It is the first what you are held accountable for the Day of Resurrection; accepted by other work, but received a reply.

3 - it is a hallmark of pious believers, as Allah said: {and establish worship [Baqarah: 3].

4 - a sign of a person love and appreciation to his Lord for His blessings.

- Reasons  that help muslims to do prayers with other muslims(in group):
1 - the use of God Almighty.

2 - with determination assertive.

3 - evoke the fruits of prayer, religious and secular.

4 - evoke punishment for not praying.

5 - the introduction of the grounds, such as the use of the alarm or to recommend to the human family that careful to wake him and urged him

6 - leaving a preoccupation with worldly curiosity.

7 - not tired man himself too much.

8 - to avoid sins, they weigh him obedience.

9 - to accompany the good and avoid the bad guys.

10 - be aware of the bad effects ,of  praying disturb as , chest tightness and the obstructed of things.

After all this .. Is fitting O wise to tolerate prayer with the Muslim community?! Or affect laziness and sleep on obedience to the Lord of the Worlds?! Or interest is in God has prepared for conservative types of dignities?! Or trust yourself which God has prepared for those negligent of painful sanctions?

The advantages of preservation of the prayer with the Muslim community :

To pray with the Muslim community  great advantages, and great benefits, and great returns, in religion and the world, it is the following:

1 - preservation of the integrity of or doing qualities of hypocrites.

2 - Praying the apple of the eye.

3-Being away from indecency and evil.

4-It is instructive of the heart, & bleached for the  face.

5-- getter for a living.

6 - rebuttal of injustice.

7- revealing distress.

8- A driving force for the ills of heart desires and suspicions

9- dating among Muslims.

10- teach the ignorant.

11 - teasing hypocrites.

12- show the symbols of Islam and an invitation to it to say and work.

13- Prayer reason for the growing tide odds, and endure; When things go sour and narrow,  find honest value heartfelt prayer; and good impact and pool their results

14- a reason to atone for sins, and raise the grades, and increase good deeds, and the proximity of the Lord of the earth and the heavens.

15- Also it is the reason for good manners

16- Prayer is the greatest food and watering to the tree of faith, prayer demonstrate faith and develop it.

17- It strengthens the human desire to do good things, and make it easy to do good deeds,  and weaken the  great evils and sins in himself.

18- The  prayer is  a cure for many self illness, as  stinginess, envy, panic, and others.

19- from its Medical benefits, it consider as a variety of sports,  organes booste,rand beneficial for the body.

20- it is useful in many abdominal pain; they sport the same body together, they include the movements and different modes move with most of the joints.

This is the tip of the iceberg of the fruits of prayer, religious and secular, even though its advantages is countless, the higher the interest granted increased its usefulness, and vice versa.

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

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