Cholesterol Alone Is Not Responsible For CAD

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    Mar 14, 2013
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Cholesterol Alone Is Not Responsible For CAD Photo by Aimee Sparker

You might be the one who abstains from eggs, milk, shrimps and other foods high in cholesterol to prevent the accumulation of a waxy sort of fats in your arteries. However, there is every possibility that generally considered “culprit” for the Chronic Heart Disease (CAD) might not be the actual reason at all.

The Significance of Cholesterol for Human Body:

The adequate amounts of cholesterol in the body are needed for smooth and uninterrupted function of important body organs. It is needed for perfect immune system, good memory and other brain activities as well as flawless overall functioning. Furthermore, it is necessary for the secretion of hormones like testosterones that are required for sustained libido and muscle building in the gym.

The Kinds of Cholesterol:

However, everyone knows that there are actually two kinds of cholesterol that are good and bad cholesterol in simple words. The good cholesterol (HDL) is responsible for eliminating the bad one (LDL) from the body and preventing it to clog the blood arteries.

The Ratio of Two Kinds:

In times gone by, it was considered that high overall levels of cholesterol greatly increase the risk of heart attacks. However, modern science has proved that it is actually the ratio of two kinds of cholesterol that determines whether a person has a healthy heart or not.  In this regard, it does not matter if Levels of HDL are really high but if it is the case with LDL, it can play havoc with your body.

The Real Cause of CAD:

According to a famous cholesterol expert, the main cause of high cholesterol in the body is the unprecedented stimulation of an important enzyme that is HMG-CoA redcutase. This enzyme is present in liver and main activator of this enzyme is insulin. Therefore, the real cause of CAD is the inflammation that results in appearance of soft plaques on the walls of arteries that usually rapture like pimples causing blockage of blood in the vessels.

Actually you are unable to feel the actual cause of Chronic Artery Disease. It happens due to small pockets, eruptions and tears within the arteries that can attract LDL and other compounds usually made of sugar to accumulate in the vessels and block them. The process continues and a dump of waxy fats is deposited on vessel walls finally taking the shape of a plaque. Therefore, it is not cholesterol that does the damage but free radical and oxidative agents are responsible for CAD.

Low Cholesterol Does Not Guarantee Healthy Heart:

Even if you have balanced amount of HDL and LDL, there is no guaranteed that you will not suffer from CAD. For example, heave meals rich in carbohydrates can ignite the functions of insulin. On the other hand sleep deprivation and stress can increase the production of cortisol and other free radicals that are deleterious for arteries health. Furthermore, disorders like obesity can also lead to chronic artery disease.

Heart Diseases are Preventable:

In fact, the real fix of the diseases is very simple and easy to achieve. A study shows that 5 different lifestyles are responsible for poor heart health and if one manages to discard them he or she can keep the heart functioning normally. Therefore, if you stop smoking, maintain adequate weight, eat balanced diet, do regular exercise and keep stress at bay, you are very likely to avoid chronic heart diseases.


Heart problems are not all about high or low cholesterol levels. Other factors also contribute in incidents like heart failures and if you want to avoid them, you need to change your living and dietary habits as well.

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