5 Effective Ways For Boosting Up Your Metabolism

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    May 13, 2013
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5 Effective Ways For Boosting Up Your Metabolism Photo by Aimee Sparker

In order to remain healthy, one of the most important thing is that your metabolism should be fit and fast. In this regard, you certainly have to find out ways for boosting up your metabolism. Here are some useful tips that can result in burning increased calories and also increase your energy levels.

1) Do not Skip the Breakfast:

When you wake up in the morning, your metabolism is running at the lowest gear. The moment that you eat something, your metabolism process starts and the digestion process starts at a very higher rate.

2) Eating After Every Three Hours:

The food must be broken down into smaller chunks so that it can be easily digested. This means that your body has to work hard for burning down the food. In this regard, you have to take small meal after the period of three hours. It is necessary to eat a good combination of high-fiber carbohydrates and fats that can be beneficial for you.

3) Including a lean protein source into every meal:

Eating Protein is just like throwing lighter fluid onto fire in the wood burning stove. When you select protein, keep in mind that less legs means better protein. It is very clear that fish is also regarded as a useful source of protein. Similarly, both turkey and chicken are also useful choices because they have two legs.

4) Performing Intervals:

For a certain period after training, the body burns increased amount of calories in the process of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The magnitude of EPOC can certainly change with different types of training. Weight training and circuit training will speed up the metabolism. All training will create EPOC, but these exercises will give you most with the money that you have. It is important to try to do them four day per week and save the longer and easy sessions for recovery.

5) Drinking Green Tea:

Green Tea is regarded as a natural component that helps in speeding up the metabolism. Apart from taking Green Tea, Natural and Healthy Energy Drinks for All can be very useful in speeding up your metabolism process. Green Tea contains the substances that are known as catechins that stimulate the body for burning the calories. Catechins also contain the anti-inflammatory effects and also possess the properties that help in preventing cancer.

6) Getting Enough Sleep:

It is important to get suitable amount of rest. The fact is that the sleep deprivation speeds up your appetite-stimulating hormones and it also leads to a slow metabolism. Sleep deprivation also promotes in developing the resistance for insulin as well. Three weeks of sleep deprivation can really change the activity of insulin, it translates to a very slow metabolism. Many experts recommend a sleep of seven to eight hours.


There are some people who suffer from slow metabolism rate. However, the fact is that there are various ways for boosting up your metabolism level. You should try to take small meals instead of taking larger meals. Furthermore, you should also try to take suitable amount of rest and get sufficient sleep, as this is certainly important for boosting up your metabolism.

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