How To Get Back In The Gym

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    Feb 06, 2013
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Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
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How To Get Back In The Gym

For many of us, who would like to get back on the path to better fitness, it is that first step that is so hard to take. We know that it’s time to get back in the gym, but I think what we fear most is the pain. I remember it all too well; I hit the gym, workout too much, and the next day I have so much pain, that I can’t even leave the house. Then it becomes easy to not return to the gym for a few years, or so.

There Must Be A Better Way

There is a better way, and it translates into using your head, not your muscles. Each time I would attempt to return to the gym, I would leave out one very important part of the whole thing, and that is diet. After all, I knew that the muscle pain and burning sensation was caused by Lactic Acid Buildup. What I didn’t know was that the foods I eat could have a big influence on how that Lactic Acid is flushed out of my body.

Imagine that, there I was, all ready to pump some iron, and not a thought given to a proper diet. How could I have expected to have enough energy and recuperative nutrients without considering my diet. Maybe I was too lazy to think about meal planning. I also realized that I should start out slow, as I really didn’t have to impress anybody. I changed my whole approach.

The Correct Approach: Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

I decided that I had to change my entire approach at getting back into shape. This time I would not hurt myself through over-exertion, and I will learn about eating the proper foods.  The first thing I decided to do was keep a Journal. I would write down everything I ate, and how I felt afterwards. When I went to the gym, I would keep a record of what exercises I did, and how many reps. I divided it into body parts. It made me feel like I knew what I was doing.

The first time I went back to the gym, nobody remembered me, that was how long its been. I decided that 30-minutes would be the max, and I felt a little queasy, I would stop at once. The object in my mind was to work out all the muscle groups, but take my time, and no heavy weights. This is a start-up that has to last. I went every other day, no matter how I felt. For the most part, I only had some soreness for the first 3 workouts, then it was gone.

Now I am feeling great about lasting through the initial couple of weeks. This is it, I am on my way to looking like Hercules. All I have to do now is be consistent with my weekly meal plans. The only way to make sure each meal has the correct amount of Carbs, Proteins and Fats is to get a professional to create specifically for me a 7 day meal plan. Try to find one that comes with a shopping list, it makes it very easy. After all, I don’t really have the knowledge or time to start figuring out meal planning.

I am losing weight not only because I am working out again, but more-so because I am eating the right foods. I have more energy, my metabolism is always in high gear, and I am happier.


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