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    Sep 05, 2012
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Vida Stem Alive utilizes generic ingredients that have been tested in an accredited manner in academic and nutritional studies around the world. It has been substantiated that stem cells are a key factor in renewing the body's organs and immune system. In fact, science recently, in the field of regenerative medicine and medical rehabilitation, observed the workings of stem cells to find the rational reason for numerous cases of instantaneous healing. Medical experts are baffled not only because of the diminution of the illness, but also the obvious rejuvenation and restoration of the affected tissues and organs regardless of the patients not receiving any medication and other chemical based treatments.

The Generic Composition of Vida Stem Alive

A thorough analysis of spontaneous healing situations has revealed an extraordinary common denominator: the utilization of natural alternatives, for example the ingestion of nutrients taken from natural resources such as curative plants and fruits like the ingredients in Vida Stem Alive.

Scientist studying in esteemed universities and institutes have been able to distinguish numerous botanical composites derived from seeds, vegetables, plants, and fruits that have the ability to recharge the stem cells within the bloodstream right from the bone-marrow. Other elements in the body are also protected while the stem cells make their journey to regenerate the ailing organ. Once reaching the organ, the stem cells begin to restore and exude biological aspects that encourages healing in the damaged tissues.

To promote stem cell enhancement, Vida Stem Cells incorporate 100% natural ingredients that have proven to stimulate a considerable increase in the amount of traveling stem cells. This product is not produced just for the increase and distribution of stem cells, it is meant to instill good health for the lifespan of the stem cells adult existence. Here is a list of the 16 vital, natural, and important ingredients of Vida Stem Cells and their function.


There is a vast amount of evidence proving the benefits of Vitamin D. These include sustaining calcium levels, aids with cell differentiation, boosts the immunity system, and blood pressure regulation. In addition Vitamin D has been implicated in the protection of some cancers and assisting with the prevention of Alzheimer's and autoimmune diseases.


Bovine Colostrum is the first milk produced for several days following delivery of baby calves/cows. Bovine Colostrum is abundant in immunoglobulins which assist in bolstering the immune system and aids the body to resist germs.


This tree extract has been used to stabilize sugar levels. The wood of the Kino tree consists of elevated amounts of epicatechin-flavonoids. Clinical tests imply that this extract holds anti-diabetic properties.


Outside of being a perfect vegetarian source of vitamin B12 and protein, Spirulina Powder consists of essential fatty oils, Beta-carotene, along with detoxifying properties, iron benefits, and antioxidants.


Wild Blueberry Extract supplies exceptional antioxidant protection and fights against free radicals.


Goji Berries consist of an elevated amount of zeaxanthin, including lutein. It is known as an old Asian remedy for eye health and used to sustain vitality.


High Orac Grape Skin is a pungent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.


Grapefruit Seed Extract has huge quantities of disease resisting, free-radical eradicating antioxidants and bioflavonoid. This powerful extract also consists of hesperidin a popular natural immune system booster.


Green Tea has been linked to many uses from assistance with weight loss control to heart disease.


EGCG is the acronym for epigallocatechin-gallate. It is a chemical compound found in green tea and is believed to be connected to the majority of the healthy benefits of green tea. In addition, EGCG assists with the fabrication of particular alkaloids and proteins.


Fucoidan is known to strengthen cellular defense to preclude the entrance of a virus into a healthy cell. In addition, they restrain the capability of viruses to reproduce by thwarting duplication of the virus in these cells.


Ganoderma Lucidum Extract is a frequently utilized Chinese herb and a vital component in conventional Chinese medicine for immune dysfunction linked to illnesses.


Beta-Glucans are health enhancing due to their intestinal fiber properties which in turn, may decrease high-serum cholesterol amounts and assist in manifesting reliability through bulk-formation. In addition, Beta-Glucans may help with modifying blood sugar and decrease the probability of manifesting colon related illnesses.


3-Glucans have been discovered to stimulate the immunity system. According to researchers, there is a particular receptor on the outside of specific cells called macro-phages. When triggered it rouses a flowing of action making the body an armory of defense.


Ashwagandha Extract is used for the treatment of diabetes, pain, gastrointestinal ailments, pain, epilepsy, arthritis, infections, and skin diseases. It is also utilized to enhance the immune system, treat depression and anxiety, and promote restful sleep.


Media reports state that Egallic Acid could reduce the enlargement of a number of cell abnormalities. Egallic Acid is contained in raspberries which is known to assist with reducing the effect of free radicals.

Vida Stem Alive Enhances Stem Cells

Your adult stem cells contained within your bone-marrow are waiting to be galvanized and sent to regenerate damaged, aging, unhealthy tissues. Vida Stem Alive assists with this tactic. Scientist have discovered that stem cells diminish over time due to a number of factors such as smoking, hazardous environmental exposure, aging, poor nutrition, and much more, thus resulting in the decaying of the body. Vida Stem Alive is the answer.

Vida Stem Alive is the primary product on the market with a modus operandi that utilizes all natural ingredients that have been tested by nutritional experts around the world. Vida Stem Alive is created to pick-up where nature lets go.
The ingredients in Vida Stem Cell are especially amalgamated to produce the best results possible with stimulating adult stem cell growth. Through the generic components of Vida Stem Cell, adult stem cells are renewed and released to continue doing the task they were created to do which is to restore, replenish, and replace damaged tissue in a natural way.

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