6 Simple Tips On Boosting The Energy Levels

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    Apr 23, 2013
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6 Simple Tips On Boosting The Energy Levels Photo by Aimee Sparker

Regardless of whether you are doing any intense physical activity or not; every one of us wants to have optimal energy levels. Whether at the gym or working in office, no one wants to be dull, fatigued and lose concentration. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain high energy levels in all conditions.

For those who go to gym or do regular training there are nutritional and protein supplements available. However, others who don’t do any physical activity yet feel low on energy, there are some ways to boost energy levels without opting for supplements. The lines below give some tips on boosting energy levels.

1. Control Stress:

The emotions that are induced by stress are the ones that consume most of your energy. Thus you need to control your stress in a healthy way which can be joining some support program, talking to relatives or friends or in other cases visiting a psychotherapist. The effective therapies pertaining to stress control include yoga, tai chi and meditation.

2. Exercise:

When you exercise, your body burns the food and converts it into energy. Moreover, exercise also helps in better circulation of oxygen to the body parts, so the muscles and tissues stay fresh and energetic. The energy or elation hormones are also released by exercising. Therefore, if you wish to stay high on energy, exercise regularly.

3. Right Amount of Sleep:

Neither little sleep, nor longer sleep results in higher energy level. Rather, it’s the adequate and right amount of sleep that gives higher energy boost. To identify your right amount of sleep, start from sleeping 4 hours a night. if you feel low on energy the next day then you need to increase your sleep time by an hour. Similarly, find out the hours that are in access and that also result in low energy. Find the balanced hours and make it a routine.

4. Eating For Energy:

The brain requires continuous supply of nutrient to keep on performing at its peak. Therefore, the best approach to keep you high on energy is to snack after every few hours instead of the three large meals. Foods that have high glycemic index are the ones that give boost to energy. Carbohydrates based foods have a high glycemic index while other fats and protein foods have low index, thus carbohydrate foods must be preferred for higher energy.

5. Water:

One of the primary sign of low energy levels is that your body is low on fluids. When it comes to fluids, water is irreplaceable as it is a natural energy booster. When you are properly hydrated you feel fine, as soon as you get dehydrated, the energy levels get a substantial drop and you feel fatigued.

6. Reduce Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol has a sedative like affect on the body. Therefore, when you have alcohol at lunch, you feel down rest of the day and till you take off from work you are extremely down on energy. Therefore, limit your alcohol consumption especially at midday.


The food you consume has a great role to play in the boosting of energy levels. Not every food you intake causes an energy hype, therefore, be conscious of the fact and chose your food wisely and adopt healthy lifestyle.

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